Dealing with Anxiety, managing Hypochondria with simple & effective steps

What you will learn

Worrying about imaginary sickness and illness can shorten your life span. After watching, you shall be confident about your health and won’t manifest illness

Few short videos’ which doesn’t take much time to watch but will produce immediate results. Internet can be used in better ways, not for worrying unnecessarily

Are you constantly worrying of suffering from diseases which you don’t have> When it comes to health, do you make a mount out of a molehill? Give up the anxiety

Course Benefits- Deal with existing ailments better, stop self medication, stop googling about probabilities and symptoms of ailments. Lack of trust in reports


Hypochondriasis or hypochondria is a condition in which a person is excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness. Hypochondria is an old concept whose meaning has repeatedly changed over its lifespan. It has been claimed that this debilitating condition results from an inaccurate perception of the condition of body or mind despite the absence of an actual medical diagnosis. An individual with hypochondriasis is known as a hypochondriac. Hypochondriacs become unduly alarmed about any physical or psychological symptoms they detect, no matter how minor the symptom may be, and are convinced that they have, or are about to be diagnosed with, a serious illness.

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Often, hypochondria persists even after a physician has evaluated a person and reassured them that their concerns about symptoms do not have an underlying medical basis or, if there is a medical illness, their concerns are far in excess of what is appropriate for the level of disease. It is also referred to hypochondriaism which is the act of being in a hypochondriatic state, acute hypochondriaism. Many hypochondriacs focus on a particular symptom as the catalyst of their worrying, such as gastro-intestinal problems, palpitations, or muscle fatigue. To qualify for the diagnosis of hypochondria the symptoms must have been experienced for at least six months.



Introduction to Hypochondria

Is Hypochondria a Disease?
Hypochondria is a form of Anxiety

Dealing with Hypochondria

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Dealing with Hypochondria

Managing Hypochondria

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