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Learn to manage anxiety and stress by controlling your own mind. Know to handle triggers and unwanted thoughts.

What you will learn

1. What are the symptoms of Anxiety? Understand why you are Anxious.

2. Why it comes and how is makes your life miserable.

3. Modern techniques for handling anxiety and stress without taking any help of medical science or consulting any doctor. A unique and mindful modern technique

4. What you need to do for deletion of anxiety and stress.

5. My ultra-modern and unique Mind-Body approach through NLP, Modern psychology and quantum healing process.

6. Tested and proven and approved strategies to get of such problems and lead a good, healthy and happy life.

7. Enjoy your life with full happiness, healthy body and rediscover yourself.


Hallo Friends!!! My name is Arjya N Roy Choudhuri and I am from India. This course is in English and also available in Bengali and Hindi. This course is designed for anyone who experiences different symptoms like mental discomfort, insomnia, unwanted irregular thoughts, past painful memories regularly disturbing, bad disturbing sounds or noises, anxiety, and even for those that suffers from fear, agoraphobia and more.

If you have excessive worrying, unwanted feelings, anxiety, fears or ruminations, procrastination and feelings of not doing enough for achieving your own goals in your life. You may have tried therapy, self help books, have gone through several motivational videos and lectures, may have tried any other procedures, but still couldn’t come out of these and felt you needed some other to get out of these and lead a most positive, healthy, purposeful and joyful life, if you needed something that was directly addressing what you experience then this is the course for you.

This course is fully guided and yet it is self paced, the course is divided into 7 sections, each one taking 15 -20 minutes and 1-3 sittings to complete. You will be guided in each section step by step, with video and easily explained exercises, to take your life in your own hands.

Section 1 – will give you all the basic information about the symptoms and what is anxiety, how it works, that you are experiencing in your daily life.

Section 2 – will explain you how anxiety comes in life and how this damage your life. Will teach you a wonderful and unique technique to jump start the para-sympathetic nervous system, which will undo the stress that is in your body.

Section 3 – will explain another mind techniques like Golden Highway, applying which will help you to come out of anxiety and stress.

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Section 4 – will teach you how to look at your thoughts and prevent them escalating in the way they do now.

Section 5 – will teach you on how to start your working and applying my techniques by making own mind calm. Breathing techniques before starting the exercise.

Section 6 – You will come to know how anxiety generates in our mind. What are the sources of anxiety and stress? How it spread in our mental body and how to handle this in your current daily life. You will be guided step by step and in detail.

Section 7 – You will know about the triggers and will guide you step by step how to practically perform this deconditioning

This course is based on research, and proven therapy protocols, the practices in it are taken from CBT, Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Body psychotherapy.





How Anxiety comes in your Life.

Knowing Triggers and how to handle triggers. Steps to prevent Triggers.

Unknown Future

Think for outcome.

Control Your thoughts

Replace unwanted sounds causing Anxiety

Make your mind calm.

Step breathing technique for making mind calm. Have control over your mind.

What is Stress and How Anxiety generates and gradually controls your mind.

Know how to created proper and purposeful Outcome.

Removal of Painfull Memories.

Erase past images and delete bad sounds by replacing them with energizing sound.