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Go from zero to a fine tuned blog that engages and pulls in potential customers.

What you will learn

Set up a blog that will engage their audience

Have solid strategies for creating and posting regular content without going crazy

Have a plan to handle worst case scenarios like the blog getting cracked.


In another course of our “for Noobees” series, we take the student into the world of online content creation. We start off by explaining what are blogs, how did they get their name, and how they are useful for your internet marketing plan. Then we discuss the major blog platforms out there from free to fee, and what may be best for your situation. Diving in deep, we discuss how keywords are essential to crafting your blog posts, and how to research the keyword phrases. We go into the best structure for writing a blog posts including titles that get read, improving readability, and practical tips for creating a lot of content regularly without going crazy. Then we move into images and how they help engage an audience. Finally we move into our Don’t Panic module where we examine some things that could go very wrong and how to handle it.

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The Beginning – Blogging for Noobees

Course Introduction

Module 1 – Why Is Blogging Important

What Is Blogging
Why Your Blog Is Important
How Your Blog Makes You Relevant
Your Blog Helps You To Build A Team

Module 2 – Keyword Research

Keyword Definitions
Keyword Types
Benefits Of Long-Tail Keywords
Keyword Tools
Keyword Research
Keyword Idea Sites
Using Google Adwords For Verification

Module 3 – Images

The Relevance of Images
Where Lara Gets Images
Why You Need To Tag Your Images!
Watch Over My Shoulder Image Tagging

Module 4 – Writing Good Titles

What Are Good Titles?
Ranking Titles
Tools To Find Great Titles
Where Boomy Gets Titles

Module 5 – Your Blog Calendar

What We Will Cover
Why You Need A Blog Calendar
What To Avoid When Creating A Calendar
The Calendar Template

Module 6 – Blogging Platforms

Blogging Platforms

Module 9 – Creating Content

Post Length
Making Your Posts Easier to Read
Don’t Go Insane
Using Hootsuite to Schedule Content

Module 10 – Analytics


Module 11 – Don’t Panic!

Don’t Panic!


Lara’s Conclusion
Slides from the lecture

Bonus Lecture!

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