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6 Steps To Unlock Your Creativity and Video Production Skillset

What you will learn

You will have a step-by-step process to turn your next idea into an impressive video!

Gain a film school level understanding of how to conceptualize, organize, plan, and upgrade your next video or series!

Develop your own personal concepts, visual aesthetic, stories, characters, and unique video style!

Expand your creativity, mission, ideas, productivity, and passion as a video creator!

Understand timeless video principles that you can use in all of your future projects!

Use one of a kind downloadable PDF’s to map out your projects and video making progress!

Tell much better stories in your videos wether your shooting on a camera or smartphone!

Learn techniques that make people share, like, comment, and engage with your video content!


Do you want your videos to be more creative, shareable, engaging, unique, or impressive to watch?

Whether you want to make better Instagram videos, YouTube videos, short films, music videos, documentaries, videos for professional clients or just personal projects, this course is made for you.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and film school level understanding of:

1. Understand Today’s Tools & Use “The Power of Video”

To begin, you first learn how empowered you are in today’s world as a video creator or aspiring filmmaker. These insights and actionable takeaways act as a framework for the success of your next video to build on top of.

•    What makes videos likable and shareable

•    Sharing and learning like a pro

•    Creative self discovery

•    Finding your mission

•    Developing your passion

2. Improve Your Creativity & Video Creator Skillset

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of creating videos. Here, you get crystal clear on the who, what, where, how, and why of your own creativity process. These interactive learning exercises and expert guest speakers teach you the following.

•   Impress and inspire others through your videos

•   Create videos that express yourself effectively

•   Use your social media and collaboration tips

•   Translate your passion into your projects

•   Upgrade creativity and video ideas

3. Upgrade Your Concept, Characters, Story & Final Product

Now that you’ve improved your video creating skillset, here’s where you set your next video up for success with storytelling. These pre-production video outlines and techniques can be used to upgrade all your videos, even after this course.

•   Tell better stories with the 3 act story structure

•   Optimize your videos for social media platforms

•   How to use and create a stylesheet

•   Upgrade your characters and concept

4. Turn Your Concept Into a Creative & Impressive Video

You’ve worked alongside me to upgrade, unlock and improve your skillset as a video creator. Now you have the ability to bring all these aspects together into your future projects and successfully turn your ideas into videos you’re proud of.

•   Synthesize tools from this course into actionable takeaways

•   Organize your video production details and logistics

•   Expert guest speaker advice on production process

•   Successful video outline blueprint for Youtube, Instagram, etc.

5. The Creativity Formula, Emulation & Remixing

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In this step, you take the video and/or series we’ve put together during the course and take things to the next level. This process allows you to gather techniques, inspiration, ideas, and insights from other people’s work and continue to improve upon your videos.

•   Make better videos using the “Creativity Formula”

•   Emulate and draw inspiration from outside sources

•   How to remix other creator’s ideas and projects

•   Hacks to improve faster as a video creator

•   Improve audience retention and engagement

6. Continuously Improve & Reach Your Video Goals

You’re now ready to continue creating better and better videos beyond this course. In this final step, you gain the skills to make each of your videos more impressive than the last one and track your progress.

•   Create a roadmap of what you want to achieve

•   Attain your milestones and achievements

•   Keep track of your video creation progress

•   Tips for succeeding as a video creator

•   and so much more

My goal for you:

The goal of this course is to give you all the knowledge that I’ve gained from 10+ years in the film industry (working with clients like Red Bull, Taco Bell, and Discovery Channel) in a way that is fun to learn and easy to understand.

Creating better videos no matter what:

It’s my passion to teach the information that all video creators can benefit from, regardless of your equipment or budget. Wether you are shooting on a smartphone or camera, the actionable takeaways from this course will have the same positive effect.

You’ll have lifetime access to:

•   40+ Individual video lessons

•   5+ Hours of learning content

•   3 Project case studies

•   9 Interactive Exercises

•   10 Downloadable Resources

•   30 Gigabytes of streamable content

•   Updates to all future course materials

•   One on one with me in the Q&A section

If you want to learn the tools to make videos that you’re proud of, this is the course for you.

I’ll see you inside the course!





Intro and How To Get The Most from This Course
Meet Your Course Instructor
Get Clear on Your Passion
Learning Exercise: Define Your Passion

Being a Modern Day Video Creator

Relevance of Video in Today’s World
Your Modern Video Tools
Keys to Today’s Technology
Recap of Ideas and Resources

Improving Your Creativity & Skillset

Overview of Your Creative Direction
Learning Exercise: Gain Creative Clarity
Case Study: Power of Video
Summarizing Your Power as a Video Creator
Advice From an Expert: Video Creation & Collaboration with Daniel Walther
Advice From an Expert: Creativity & Making Progress with Daniel Walther

Develop Your Concept & Characters

Effectively Start Creating
Learning Exercise: Step 1 of Your Concept & Theme
Learning Exercise: Step 2 of Your Concept & Theme
Your Story and Characters Overview
Learning Exercise: Create Your Character for Stories
Learning Exercise: Create Your Character for Social Media Platforms

Create Your Story & Stylesheet

Essentials of Story Structure
Case Study: 3 Act Story Structure
Learning Exercise: Create Your 3 Act Story Outline
Learning Exercise: Entertain, Educate and Connect with Your Audience
Case Study: How to Use a Stylesheet
Learning Exercise: Gather Your Stylesheet Assets
Learning Exercise: Organize and Create Your Stylesheet
Learning Exercise: Strategize Your Production Details

Emulation, Remixing & Tracking Progress

Filmmaker Secret: The Creative Formula
Learning Exercise: How to Emulate and Remix
Great Creators To Emulate
Track Your Progress and Video Creating Success
Learning Exercise: Your Video Goals & Achievements
Advice From an Expert: Building Momentum and an Online Audience with Brandon
Advice From an Expert: Creative Process and Maximizing Your Content with Brandon

Conclusion Summary & Final Tips

Summary of All the Techniques Learned
Final Tips and What’s Next
My Creative Challenge for You
Your Bonus for Completing This Course