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Learn How To Do T-shirt Design with Zero Experience & Grow Your T-shirt Business | Merch By Amazon, Teespring, Redbubble

What you will learn

Create Amazing Hot-selling T-shirts Within 5 Minutes or Less

Create Eye Catchy T-shirts That Will Catch the Buyers Attention

Create Awesome Word Cloud T-shirt

Create Text Based Design with Free Software GIMP

Create Ugly T-shirt Design & Image Based Design in Canva

Untold Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Design Amazing T-shirts

Use of Kittl AI and Kittl Design Editor to Design T-shirts FAST

Discover 5 Websites to Sell Your Print on Demand T-shirts

High-quality Video Mockup Creation Secret

Learn About the Different Types of T-shirt Design That Sell Well on Print on Demand Sites

And Much More!


Unleash your creativity and craft captivating t-shirt designs that reflect your unique style with our T-Shirt Design Masterclass for Non-Designers. This comprehensive masterclass is designed to take you from a complete novice to a confident t-shirt designer, even if you have no prior design experience.

My name is Masuk Sarker Batista, I have over 5 years of t-shirt design experience and I am very much excited to be your instructor. Welcome my T-shirt Design For Non-Designers (Masterclass)

The T-shirt industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and online it’s the fastest growing part of this industry. There are lots of popular print-on-demand sites available online. For example Teespring, Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, ViralStyle, and so on. You can easily make money by selling your T-shirts.

You save money on hiring designers by creating your own t-shirt designs. Even if you’ve never touched any type of design software in your life, Still it’s possible for you because I teach you How To Design Bestselling T-shirt Using Online Free Software and tools With Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Videos.

The T-shirt business is a numbers game! If you have more quality t-shirts in your store or print-on-demand sites then surely you will get more sales.

In this course, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how to create a Word Cloud t-shirt design from scratch, which you can then sell on Merch by Amazon (or Teespring or Redbubble, ViralStyle, Etsy, etc.).

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Also, we will learn how to create a text-based design with the software which is called GIMP. This software is completely free and very much powerful.

Not only that, we will work with Canva. Using Canva-free tools and graphics we will learn how to do Ugly hoodie design, and how to create image-based t-shirts. just fill in the blank design template by copying and pasting and dragging and it’s done! you can actually get an awesome and saleable result using Canva. No need to purchase any expensive software.

And finally, we will learn the untold power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to design some amazing t-shirts. We will learn the use of Kittl AI to generate unique images/vectors, then with the help of the Kittl editor, we will design unique t-shirts fast.

What This Course Includes:

  • Able to Create Amazing Hot-selling T-shirts Within 5 Minutes Or Less
  • Able to Create Eye-Catchy T-shirts That will Catch The Buyer’s Attention
  • Untold Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Design Amazing T-shirts
  • Use of Kittl AI and Kittl Editor to Design T-shirt Design FAST
  • Lots of Free Resources for T-shirt Designing
  • High-quality video mockup creation secret
  • Discover 5 Websites to Sell Your Print on Demand T-shirts
  • Life-Time Course Access
  • 24/7 Support From Me
  • 3+ Hours of HD Content
  • Free Future Updates
  • And Much More

So Enroll in this course today and discover how easy it is for us non-designers to create the type of t-shirt designs that sell well and make a great new side income through the Merch by Amazon (or Teespring or Redbubble, etc) T-Shirt Business.



T-shirt Design with Wordclouds

An Overview Of WordClouds
Sourcing & Preparing The Mask Image
How To Generate And Add Different Words to Your WordClouds
Add Your Mask Image In Word Cloud
Add Mask, Customize Words & More
Export The Design And Resize It

Designing Great T-shirt with GIMP

What Is GIMP? And How To Download It
Software Interface Overview
Start Designing Text Based T-shirt Design
How To Download & Use Custom Fonts In GIMP
Use Of Layers In GIMP
Add Colors In Our T-shirt Design
Masking For Text Based Design
Export Design With Transparent Background

T-shirt Design with The Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Untold Power of AI to Design Amazing T-shirt
Quick “Out of The Box PIZZA” T-shirt Design with AI
Convert Text to Image with The Power of AI and Design T-shirt Using That
Super Easy way to Design T-shirt with Make Merch
Create High Quality Video Mockups for Ads

Canva T-shirt Design #1

Getting Started With Canva
Understanding Canva Design Dashboard
T-shirt Design #1 With Canva
Ugly T-shirt Design Process
Remove Background And Export It

Canva T-shirt Design #2

T-shirt Design #2 With Canva
Step-by-step Design Process
Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design and Export

Tons of Royalty Free Resources

5 Websites to Sell Your Design T-shirts to Start Making Money
Generate Lots of T-shirt Design Ideas
Finding Vectors to Do Your T-shirt Design FAST
Get Thousands of Royalty Free Fonts
Get Thousands of Royalty Free Icons
Download Royalty Free Images


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