Understand what main controls do and take full control of your camera

What you will learn

Learn about the basic camera controls

Learn how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture affect an image

Learn how to set up a digital camera before going out to shoot

Gain thorough understanding and confidence in using the camera


During your photographic journey, you may encounter many different types of cameras but they all operate on the same principle. The camera is essentially a dark box. At the front of this box is an aperture, or an opening, that allows the light to come in, and at the back of the box is a photosensitive material that captures the image formed by this light.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are having a hard time making sense of all the controls on your digital camera. Modern cameras are extremely sophisticated and they come with loads of buttons and automated functions that can be very difficult to make sense of unless you have an understanding of the underlying principles.

This short course will help you understand and demystify the main controls of the photographic camera- the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. By the end of it, you will clearly understand what each control does, how it affects the image. You will understand how these three main controls form what is known as the exposure triangle, and how they are interrelated. This understanding will allow you to use your camera with confidence, help you reverse-engineer images of other photographers, and help you turn your ideas into photographs.



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Understanding the Exposure Triangle



Shutter Speed


Setting Up the Camera

Using the Built-In Light Meter