Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep

What you will learn

Sleep deeper and longer

Learn vedanta philosophy through stories

Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Stories filled with wisdom from ancient India


We all spend our days awake and conscious, and our nights asleep and seemingly unconscious. This stream of activity and tranquillity pervades nature and almost all living beings.

We use sleep to restore our body, mind, and energy. However, modern life seems to go against Sleep and its healing and refreshing powers.

With that in mind, I have created this 15 days course, here every day at your bedtime you will have a story followed by a lying down meditation.

The stories are based on Vedanta philosophy which will help you to calm the mind and bring a peaceful & positive outlook towards life, whereas in the meditation part I will guide you into a goodnight’s rest.

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The word ‘Nivritti’ simply refers to ‘the path of turning inward’, the path where we are no more searching for happiness and fulfilment through our actions in the outside world but finding it inwards with contemplation and meditation. On this path, attention is directed inward, often with a focus on acceptance and finding a connection with our true selves.

Nivritti Yoga is a commitment to bringing out the completely pure and traditional forms of meditations, stemming from the roots of authentic spiritual traditions and adapting them to suit modern needs.

Its founder Sandeep is a classical spiritual guide. He has learned under the traditional monasteries of India and holds a master’s degree in yoga and meditation.




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