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Learn online course creation & marketing for coaches & teachers to create & sell Online Courses for passive income 2022

What you will learn

Identify you skill and convert your skill into an online course that sells in market

Perform proper research to find a profitable & high in-demand course idea that would help you become successful instructor

Use best tools and techniques plan, record and edit a high-quality online course liked and appreciated by students

My special parameters and personal opinions to help you find best online course platform for hosting & selling your online course

Fill your course with the content that solves problems faced by students and maintain the quality required for a six figure online course

Use my design techniques to build and design an online course landing page that sells with high conversion rate

Use my secret online course marketing strategies to promote your online course and increase your revenue

Use facebook and google ads to increase sales of the course with incredible return on investment and conversion rate

Maintain the quality of your course and make your students recommend your course to other students due to your quality cooperation


Make Passive Income by converting your skills into an Online Course & Selling it!

You can use this course to plan and design your online course and then step by step guide to produce and publish your online course with some Insider marketing hacks to promote your course and sell an online course.

This course will teach you to:-

  • Perform research for your course
  • Find a profitable course idea
  • Find the best platform for selling your course
  • Set up your course landing page
  • Record & Edit videos professionally
  • Publish your online course
  • Promote course using free marketing strategies
  • Promote course using paid marketing strategies
  • Apply insider marketing hacks

So if you also want to become an online teacher or online instructor but it seems complicated, then a few hours spent on this course can help you become a successful online instructor and create and market your online course.

Or if you are a professional or you know a skill and you are trading your time for a living then this course is an opportunity for you to get out of that circle and try something new become a self-employed online course creator and instructor and make your living from creating and selling online courses and teaching people online.

This is not a 10’s of hours of long course but a short course containing the crux out of successful online course creation & marketing course available online and teaching you all these within 3-4 hours.

So If you are seriously interested in making passive income streams, then you should give this course a bit because this course is short but all in one containing super headings and insights that can help you become a successful online course creator from home easily.

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If you are ready to start off and build a six-figure online course business by selling online course then get ready to learn online course creation and marketing because i am ready to teach you about building a successful online course business and which is profitable in 2022.

If we will talk about reasons to create an online course then there are alot to discuss. If you want to reach more people in less time and don’t want to work again and again, then online course is priority because you just have to record once and sell your course again and again. You don’t need any high-tech skills and you just have to teach your passion and your skills in your course to make it success.

Even you can create the best online course without appearing on camera and just using screen recordings and presentations as i am doing and i think and believe there’s nothing wrong in that if you are shy on camera and without being on camera you can create an online course that sells with this outstanding course and step-by-step guide to build a high quality course from scratch and outsmart your competition.

So if you don’t know how to create and sell course and even if you don’t know how to teach, how to make videos or how to do course marketing then this course would help you in online course creation and marketing to create and sell online courses.

Promoting an online course or any digital product is a hard thing but you will learn how you can promote and market your online course very easily using different methods and techniques to get course sales and make your course profitable using organic marketing and paid advertising as well.

This course gives you the exact behind-the-scenes strategy that Khadin Akbar has employed to build a highly profitable home-based online courses selling business in 2022.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and start your journey as a SuccessfulΒ  Online course creation Business in 2022.




Let’s Calculate your Wage

Planning & Research

What’s Inside Section?[Planning & Research]
[Brainstorming] What you’re Good at?
[Topic & Keyword Research] Finding Course Ideas
Find Most Profitable Course Idea

Choosing a Course Platform

What’s Inside Section?[Choosing a Course Platform]
Best Platform for Your Course
Setup & Customize your GRAPHY School
Use GRAPHY Effectively & Productively

Packaging & Production of the Course

What’s Inside Lecture?[Packaging & Production of the Course]
Curriculum Design: Recording & Editing Courses
Adding Course to Graphy School
Bullshit Detection: Finishing the Course

Course Marketing & Promotion

What’s Inside Section?[Course Marketing & Promotion]
Promote your course via YouTube
Promote your course via Blog
[FREE] Promote your course via Facebook Groups
Promote your Course via QUORA/REDDIT
Promote your Course via Private Communities
(VIP) Cross-Promotion & Sponsorships
Promote your Course via Paid Advertising

Monetization (OUT-OF-THE-BOX) [Course Marketing & Promotion]

What’s Inside Section?[Monetization (OUT-OF-THE-BOX)]
Monetization Method #1
Monetization Method #2
Monetization Method #3

Thank you + Conclusion

Bonus Lecture