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Potentially Get Hired As A Product Marketing Manager

Product Management

How To Launch A New Product

Market research


Product marketing strategy

Product Marketing Psychology

Marketing & Lead Generation

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Learn from an experienced Silicon Valley PMM with a top MBA

Learn how to become a product marketing manager from someone with years of experience in product marketing at small, medium, and large software companies including Sony. Your lead instructor received his MBA from the top marketing school in the U.S. and works in the epicenter of product marketing in San Francisco.

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  • New! Product Marketing Calendar Template (Excel)
  • 1-Page Product Marketing Plan Template + 1-Page Competitive Analysis Template (Word)
  • Marketing strategy, tactics, and execution
  • Interview skills to land a six-figure product marketing position
  • Day-to-day operational skills
  • Hard skills in quantitative marketing analytics and software
  • Soft skills to succeed in the office and get promoted

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Product Marketing Strategy

Product Launch – Strategy

Target Market

PART 1 : Competitive Analysis

PART 2 : Competitive Analysis

PART 3 : Competitive Analysis – Marketing Strategy & Tactics

Customer Captivity

Value Proposition

Product lifecycle decisions

Managing Cannibalization


Product Promotion – Marketing Messaging

Making Marketing Go Viral

PART 1 : Messaging in App

PART 2 : Messaging in App

PART 3 : Messaging in App

Important Skills

Calendar Management

Pricing Tactics



Various Marketing Roles

Marketing Schools

Working with Product Managers and Designers


Interview Etiquette

Print out description

Pause before you speak

Interview in the morning

1-on-1 Interviews

Accept food or drink

Be likeable

Be very careful when asked your opinion

Bring a pen and paper

Bring a calculator

Don’t try to impress then

Don’t be cocky

Don’t be too energetic

Don’t bother bringing your resume

Don’t discuss your flaws

Don’t frown

Don’t interrupt

Sit still and upright

Don’t lie

Don’t speak slowly

Energy levels

Expect changes

Eye contact differences between the sexes

Follow the interviewer’s lead


Hand gestures

Interview process

The Interviewer is on your side


Mimic body language


Remember Names

Wear a dress shirt

Speak little

Speak hypothetically

The Interviewer Matters More

Some interviews are pointless

Tie your answers back to the company


Advertising Strategies

Three Groups to Focus on

Advertising Focus

Advertising Large vs. Small

Advertising Methods and Costs


Companies that don’t Benefit from Mass Advertising

Hard to convince

Creative Strategies

Direct-Response Advertising

Evaluating AD Plan from a High Level

Segmentation Limitations


Timing your advertising budget



The 4Ps

Brands are not Competitive Advantages

Brand Architecture

Brand Design

Brand Design Example

Brand Extensions

Brand Naming

Brand Sounds

Brand Sounds Example

Branding is more important in some context than others

Your Brand’s Motto / Slogan

A Point of Confusion

Research, Metrics, and Advertising

Customer Value Proposition

Changing a Brand

Quantitative Marketing Analytics

Price Sensitivity

AB and multivariate testing

Share of Voice

Share of Wallet

Product Features

Calculating value propositions

PART 1 : Optimal Media Mix

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PART 2 : Optimal Media Mix


Customer Lifetime Value

Different Customer Personas

Diminishing Returns


Who will buy from you

What to ask before you collect data


Churn Rate

Choosing a target segment


Identifying most profitable customers



Market share


Two issues

Purchase Intent

Brand Awareness

Advanced Growth Marketing

Growth is often bad for business

Three ways to grow a business

When Growth is necessary

Where does Growth come from?

Sources of Growth : The Marketing Perspective

PART 1 – The Two Types of to Look for Growth

PART 2 – The Two Types of to Look for Growth

PART 1 : Getting Customers

PART 2 : Getting Customers

Riding a Wave is Easier Than Creating a Wave

Growth relies on Having a Clear Financial Goal

Growth Happens in Small Pockets

Measure Demand for Your Product Before You Create It

Growth Hacking a Product Launch

The Early Stages of Growth

How High-level Marketing Decisions Drive Growth

What if you’re First to Market?

The Customer Decision Journey

The Measurement Myth

The Optimal Media Mix

Soft Skills

How People will Evaluate You

Interpersonal Skills and Communication Barriers

Ask open-ended questions




Communicate frequently

Dealing with stress

Encourage everyone to talk

Engaging with new people

Eye contact


Giving critical feedback

How do you react in stressful situations?


Mixed signals

Phone calls


Powerful people

Praise publicly

Silence is your friend

Task-oriented vs. people-oriented

Soft skills tips

PART 1 : Writing E-mails

PART 2 : Writing E-mails

PPC Advertising

Introduction to PPC Advertising

Where PPC Fits Into the Marketing Plan

Where PPC Fits Into the Marketing Calendar

Where PPC Fits Into the Marketing Budget

High-level Advertising Considerations

LinkedIn’s Amazing Ability

Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Software

Facebook PPC

Save a Lot of Money Using Exact Keywords

Save a Lot of Money with Negative Keywords and Avoiding Partners

Boost Your Ranking and Lower Your Cost

The PPC Tactical Hierarchy

Use Free AD Extensions

The Magical Plus Sign

The Power of Bing Search Engine

Twitter PPC

Advertising through YouTube

Banner ADS on Google Display Network

ADS that Follow Customers

PPC’s Key Advantages



Additional Notes

Marketing’s Measurement Myth

Evaluating Advertisements

Marketing Automation

Automated Messaging

PART 1 : Limitations

PART 2 : Limitations

Automated Personalizations

PART 1 : The Marketing “Funnels”

PART 2 : The Marketing “Funnels”

Campaign Automation

Hubspot’s Marketing Automation

Automated Messaging Using Marketo

Marketing Automation Using Pardot

Marketing Automation Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation Using Eloqua Oracle

Increase Conversions by using Automatic Chatbots

Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp

E-Commerce Marketing Automation in MailChimp


Advertising Using Google AdWords

Iterable Unified Omni-Channel Engagement

E-mail Automation Using Drip and AWeber