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Boost your confidence self esteem & beat bullying because bullies don’t bully confident or those with high self esteem

What you will learn

use this technique to overcome many of their limitations such as fear, anxiety, cravings eg. cigarettes and food

Reduce stress from your life with a simple technique

10 Bonus Hypnosis Downloads

Emotion mastery

To eliminate feelings of being Bullied empower you and boost your self confidence and Self Esteem

When you boost connfidence and esteem you change how you feel and respond to any situation


Beat Bullying – Boost Your Confidence and Esteem In 2021

Including 10. Bonus Hypnosis Downloads

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I have recorded this course because there are so many who suffer alone at the hands of bullies and feel isolated as many bullies work in groups to elevate themselves from their own insecurities lack of confidence and their own self esteem that makes them depend on the gang or group to support their bullying needs. So that when they pick on someone who has no confidence because people of low self esteem are perceived as easy targets for the bully to improve their own confidence by targeting them. What you will get from this program is interactive lessons that with teach you a powerful but simple technique to let go the negative feelings you have been made to feel from low confidence and because the mind and body are connected you will become stronger psychologically boost your self esteem and will become less attractive to the person or persons who have been bullying you.

This technique is called emotional freedom technique and I am a therapist who has been using it with my clients since 2006 with outstanding results so much so that I was inspired to record this and many other programs like it. You are going to be taught how to apply emotional freedom technique and how it can influence the body with a simple breathing exercise. Then after experiencing the mind body connection or psychosomatic ( Psycho in the mind ) ( Somatic in the body ) you will be guided through a interactive experience with emotional freedom technique to eliminate the negative feelings you have been feeling and by letting go these feelings you will boost your confidence and self esteem.

You will then be offered a mopping up section to remove any fragments of bad feelings that remain that may also hold you back from having that inner confidence. Then I will help you to program your mind with suggestions of confidence and feelings of self esteem with a hypnotic recording called monster confidence and esteem that by being a clinical hypnotherapist I have recorded especially for you and this course for personal growth to boost your self confidence and esteem to new and higher levels.

10. Bonus Hypnosis Downloads

  1. Assertiveness Hypnosis
  2. More Happiness In Life Hypnosis
  3. Anxiety relief Hypnosis
  4. Becoming Successful Hypnosis
  5. Find Your Passion Hypnosis
  6. Power Nap Hypnosis
  7. Public Speaking Hypnosis
  8. Super Self Confidence Hypnosis
  9. Inner Wisdom Meet the Wise Old Man Hypnosis
  10. Fear of Crowds Hypnosis




What is EFT and How to apply it ?

1. What is EFT with a downloadable mp3

2. EFT Tapping Points

3.Points Recap

4.EFT Tapping Points and Energy Meridians they are connected to

The Mind Body Connection

5.Proof that mind and body are connected

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6.The Setup Phrase

7.The Reminder Phrase

8.The Breathing Exercise with a downloadable mp3

Beat the Bully & Let go Feelings of Being Bullied with EFT


10. My Secret Tips with downloadable Pdf File

11. Beat the Bully Introduction

12. Beat the Bully & Let go Feelings of Being Bullied session

Mopping up with

13. Mopping up with EFT with a downloadable mp3

14. Mopping up with color

15. Eliminate anger towards yourself and others with EFT

Advanced EFT Technique

16. Advanced EFT Technique

Hypnosis Session to Tune into the wizard within for Monster Confidence

How to get the most from Hypnosis

18. Monster Confidence Hypnosis

Bonus Hypnosis Downloads

Session debriefing and Results

19. Session Debriefing