Learn Interesting Facts Of Fibonacci Tool To Trade In Stocks, Forex & in Binary.


Price action trading indicators and tools are the best method of trading. Fibonacci is a price action tool where we analyse the market deep pullbacks i.e we analyse the trend retracement limitation. In this course, we have provided the basic knowledge of the Fibonacci tool.

The first chapter provides basic general information about the History of Fibonacci, the importance of price action and the basics of Fibonacci levels.

The second chapter is based on trend analysis, market moves in 3 types of the trend with that market movement analysis.

The third chapter is based on retracement analysis, Fibonacci tool is mostly used for retracement analysis i.e to analyse till were market can provide a pullback. That analysis of reversal & retracement will help to analyse risk management.

The fourth chapter is based on extension levels, extension levels provide us with a piece of significant information about targets. Analysing the targets with extension levels provides high probability target levels.

The fifth chapter is based on plotting the Fibonacci levels, learn how to plot the Fibonacci on charts with proper depth knowledge.

Then the final fifth important chapter is based on chart analysis, here we have provided some examples of how to plot Fibonacci and how to analyse the extension and retracement in the market.






General Information

History Of Fibonacci

Importance Of Price Action

Fibonacci Levels

Trend Analysis

3 Types Of Trend

Market Movement Analysis

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Retracement Analysis

What is retracement?

Retracement Vs Reversal

Importance Of Fibonacci Levels

Extension Levels

Introduction To Extension Levels

Difference Between Extension And Retracement

Plotting Of Fibonacci

How to plot fibonacci ?


Chart Analysis

Chart Fibonacci Plotting

Forex Chart Analysis



Bonus Lecture