Learn How to Make a Simple 2D Game in Unity

What you will learn

You will learn basics of game development

You will learn how to code in C# and how to use Unity

You will learn to make simple time-killer

You will learn how easy it is to make video games


Looking to dip your toes into game development? This free course is ideal for beginners. With no prior knowledge required, you’ll quickly pick up the basics of 2D game development and have a simple game ready in no time.

This is second part of the course, where you’ll learn mechanics of creating a 2D shooter game.

I’ll walk you through setting up a gun, aiming, and firing bullets. You’ll also set up targets, how to make target spawn system which make game harder with time, we will setup very simple and pretty level.
We’ll also touch upon essential game UI such as a scoring system, timer, and bullet count. Plus, we’ll add a basic gun reload feature and a simple mini-game element. And, of course, we’ll ensure players can restart and play again with ease.

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This course is designed to be easy to follow and practical. It’s a great first step to get a sense of what game development entails.

Course Outline:

  • Creating a gun and aiming with it
  • Rotating the gun around the character
  • Shooting bullets
  • Setting up targets and a target spawner
  • Adding environment elements and background
  • UI essentials: score, timer, and bullet count
  • Adding a game restart function

Start today, and see how simple game development can be!





Before you start

Important to know

Gun and bullet

Gun and gun’s rotation
Gun’s Flip and Aim
Bullet and Target
Target spawner


Tile system and background

UI and Reload

UI Elements
UI Script
Game over and game restart

Congratulations !

Congratulations – Bonus!