Structural Steel Design to SANS 10162

What you will learn

Model a structural steel structure with load combinations

Analyze the results obtained from the model

Design checks for the members of the structure

Reporting the result and design checks


Basic Structural Steel Prokon Sumo Modeling is a course that is focused on modeling a structural steel structure in the Prokon Sumo software.

The goal of this course is to help structural/civil engineers understand the capabilities and possibilities of using 3D BIM software.

Sumo is a 3D BIM modeling and analysis tool. Create three-dimensional (3-D) models of structures using real-world structural elements like slabs, columns, and beams. The analysis and design tool Sumo is of the latest generation and is BIM compliant.

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The design of the structural steel walkway is according to the South African National Standard (SANS) 10162 Design of Structural Steelwork code.

After the completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Model a basic structural steel walkway
  • Add load cases to the structural steel walkway, load cases will be based on the use of the structural steel and what the SANS code says about it
  • Analyze and interpret the output obtained from the software
  • Do basic design checks on the members that were used for the structure
  • Add the results to a report generated by the Prokon software
  • An extra design check will be done to ensure the walkway plate used will be adequate for the structure.

I hope that this course will teach you how to use Prokon Sumo modeling and how to incorporate it into your daily life as a design engineer.




Project Information


Project Model – 1 Setup
Project Model – 2-1 Main Beam Members
Project Model – 2-2 Secondary Beam Members
Project Model – 3 Bracing Members
Project Model – 4 Load Cases
Model Results and Changes
Design of members
Design Report

Extra Design Check

5mm plate check