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The students will learn the basics of Genetic Engineering at the end.


> This course is designed to meet the requirement of the students to understand the Basics of Genetic Engineering.

>This course presents many of the topics Found in inter, bachelor and master level.

>The topics are presented through PowerPoints presentation.Each body system is presented separately and there are quizzes at the end of each section.

>In this Course , Students will learn the introduction of Genetic engineering.

>Understand the objectives of Genetic Engineering.

>Understand, identify and describe the process of Genetic Engineering.

>Understand the Scope of Genetic Engineering.

Genetic engineering is a term that was first introduced into our language in the 1970s to describe the emerging field of recombinant DNA technology and some of the things that were going on. As most people who read textbooks and things know, recombinant DNA technology started with pretty simple things–cloning very small pieces of DNA and growing them in bacteria–and has evolved to an enormous field where whole genomes can be cloned and moved from cell to cell, to cell using variations of techniques that all would come under genetic engineering as a very broad definition. To me, genetic engineering, broadly defined, means that you are taking pieces of DNA and combining them with other pieces of DNA. [This] doesn’t really happen in nature, but is something that you engineer in your own laboratory and test tubes. And then taking what you have engineered and propagating that in any number of different organisms that range from bacterial cells to yeast cells, to plants and animals.









Why genetic Engineering?


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Scope & importance of Genetic Engineering




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