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Learn important concepts of Python Django like Models, ORM, Views, Templates, Authentication, AWS Deployment, etc.

What you will learn

Important concepts of Python Django ORM

Function Based, Class Based, Generic Views

Writing Models Using Class Diagram

User Authentication System

Authorization System

Pagination, Message Framework

Customizing Django Admin Panel

Deploying Django project in AWS virtual machine


In this course, you will learn the core concepts of Python Django by building a project named “Book My Vaccine”. It is a vaccination scheduling application and we are going to build this project from scratch. While building this project, you will master these core concepts of Python Django.

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  1. At first, we will proceed with the basic concepts of web like HTTPΒ protocol.
  2. Then we will learn how to create virtual environment and setup Django project and app.
  3. After that, we will learn how to write models by referring to a class diagram. So, you will be shown a class diagram and we will implement it using django.
  4. Then, we will learn the important concepts of Django ORM.
  5. After that, we will learn Function Based Views, Class Based Views and Generic Views. We will build the features of our project and learn these concepts simultaneously.
  6. Then, we will learn the concepts of pagination, message framework, signals.
  7. After that we will build User Authentication and authorization system. We will re-use the default authentication system and build some more additional features on top of it.
  8. Then, we will learn how to customise the default Django Admin Panel.
  9. At last, we will learn how to deploy the project in AWS virtual machine using Gunicorn and Nginx.



Project Demo – Book My Vaccine

Basics of Web

Section Introduction
Client Server Architecture
HTTP Protocol
What happens when you type a URL in the browser ?
Section Outcomes

Installation and Setup

Section Introduction
How to Learn from this Course ?
Repository Setup
Virtual Environment
Django Project and Django App
Section Outcomes


Section Introduction
Introduction to Models
Vaccine Model
Center Model
Storage Model
Campaign Model
Slot Model
Vaccination Model
Section Outcomes

Basics of Django ORM

Section Introduction
Create Operation
Read Operation
Update Operation
Delete Operation
Section Outcomes

Views and Templates

Section Introduction
Introduction to Views
Introduction to Templates
Index Page
Template Inheritance
Section Outcomes

Function Based View

Section Introduction
Center List
Center Detail
Create Center
Update Center
Delete Center
Section Outcomes

Class Based View

Section Introduction
Introduction to Class Based View
Vaccine List
Vaccine Detail
Create Vaccine
Update Vaccine
Delete Vaccine
Section Outcomes

Generic Views

Section Introduction
Introduction to Generic Views
Storage List
Storage Detail
Create Storage
Update Storage
Delete Storage
Section Outcomes


Section Introduction
Introduction to Pagination
Paginating Center Views
Paginating Vaccine Views
Paginating Storage Views
Section Outcomes

Message Framework

Section Introduction
Introduction to Message Framework
Adding Message to Center Views
Adding Message to Vaccine Views
Adding Message to Storage Views
Section Outcomes

User Authentication

Section Introduction
Session Based Authentication
Custom User Model (Part 1)
Custom User Model (Part 2)
Change Password
Profile View
Profile Update
Email Verification (Part 1)
Email Verification (Part 2)
Reset Password
Section Outcomes


Section Introduction
Issue in Profile Image Update
Introduction to Signals
Using Signals in Django
Section Outcomes

User Authorization

Section Introduction
User Authorization
Permissions and Groups
Dashboard Page
Section Outcomes

Campaign Views

Section Introduction
Campaign List
Campaign Detail
Create Campaign
Update Campaign
Delete Campaign

Slot Views

Section Introduction
Slot List
Slot Detail
Create Slot
Update Slot
Delete Slot

Vaccination Views

Section Introduction
Choose Vaccine
Choose Campaign
Choose Slot
Confirm Vaccination – Part 1
Confirm Vaccination – Part 2
My Vaccination
Vaccination Detail
Appointment Letter
Vaccination Certificate

Admin Site Modification

Section Introduction
Customising Admin Panel Theme
Customising Campaign Admin View
Customising Vaccination View
Section Outcomes


Section Introduction
Web Server, Nginx
Using Environment Variables
Deploying in Ubuntu Machine – Project Setup
Deploying in Ubuntu Machine – Gunicorn Setup
Deploying in Ubuntu Machine – Nginx Setup
Deploying in Ubuntu Machine – Handling Static & Media Files
Section Outcomes