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Azure Basics Part 1

What you will learn

Azure Beginners

Azure devops Beginners

Project management in Azure

A introduction to Azure Subscription Resource group and Resources


This course teaches you on how to use Azure . This course is for system architects espacially who want to use Azure to create complex architecture but it can be enjoyed by beginners and folks with basic understanding of Azure.

This course is for those who have a bit of knowledge of or absolutely no knowledge about Azure

In this course i will be explaining to you in details the following concepts

Azure AD (Active Directory)

Azure Subscription

Azure Resource Group

Azure resource

Azure management Group

This course has been curated with a lot of care and deliberation and contains examples that are seen in real software applications .Also all the codebase are provided for in the resource section and please do not hesitate to use them.

Also this course has been shortened to only include information that is important and has been edited to remove all the fluff and unwanted portions .

Also for any doubts and suggestion please do contact me  and i will be glad to hear from you .

Also please do not forget to include reviews for my course as it will motivate me to create more content like this to serve you guys better .

Once again i  thank you for your patience and i hope you have a fabulous time with the course and i will see you soon


Rohit Abraham




Basic Concepts


Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory and tenant

Create an Account with default tenant

Default Tenant and create Users

Create New Tenant

Roles and Permission

Convert from AD free to P2

Add Custom domain

Create Group

Administrative Units

B2B Application management

Application management

Create an Enterprise Application

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Service Principle

B2B Connect with other Cloud Application

B2B Connect with other Cloud Application

Connect Google GSuite with SSO using Azure AD

Provisioning Users for GSuite with Azure AD

B2C Tenant

create a SPA using B2C tenant

Create a B2C Application

Add Google as an Identity Provider

Monitoring of AD Logins




Subscription Demo

Relationship between Active Directory and Subscription

Resource Group

Resource Group

Resource Group Demo



Management Group

What is management Group

managment Group

Role Based Access Control

Create User and Admin

Role Based Access Control with User

Role Based Access Control with Group

Role Based Access Control with Service Principle



Create Geo location Policy

Create Resource Type Policy

Create a custom Policy