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Inner Realms Journey

What you will learn

Access your innate creative power.

Unlock the power of your imagination.

Experience deeper peace of mind.

Create your mythical Avatar form.

Develop your Inner Sanctuary, a special place for you to recharge and grow.

Learn about the Realms on the Tree of Life.

Begin to access Elemental Mana.

Powerup your Biosuit with Earth Mana.


“Meditation has never been this fun before, period.”

Master powerful meditation techniques through a fun fantasy adventure experience.

Inner Realms Journey is a fantasy-themed adventure that you will embark on through a series of audio-guided meditative experiences. Unlocking the power of your imagination, you’ll enjoy the fun of an epic heroic journey with all of the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of meditating.

You will begin by activating your Biosuit, creating your mythical Avatar Form and Inner Sanctuary. From there, you will have access to our growing library of Journey meditations to different Realms along with Trainings and Quests to harness mana, gather treasures, and unravel the mysteries of the Realms.

What if everything you’ve loved about magic, mythic tales, and fantasy could be experienced fully inside of you and in your life?

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Within you is the most epic adventure ever experienced.
It’s up to you to take the first step.

Through our platform, you will learn to turn on the most immersive system ever designed, the 30+ trillion-cell power of your body and consciousness for the journey of a lifetime. You will create your Soul Avatar and embark on a journey into fantastical realms to harness your majik, encounter mythical creatures, experience your power, and simultaneously level up in your life.

Inner Realms Journey is a unique blend of majik, mythology, meditative like journeys, create your own adventure gaming, quests,
and community in an exciting fantasy-inspired heroic adventure.

Within you, the mystery is immense, the power is unimaginable, and the treasures are endless.
It is time to claim your courage, energy, power, majik, and create a new story!

This course includes:

  • The 5 Part “Avatar Activation Journey” guided meditations
  • Meditation Journey to “Elemental Activation Stones”
  • Meditation Journey to “Ice Majik Fontain”


The Quest Begins

The Quest Begins

Breath – Power up Your Biosuit

Power up Your Biosuit

Unlocking Your Avatar Form

Unlocking Your Avatar Form

Create Your Inner Realms Sanctuary (IRS)

Create Your Inner Realms Sanctuary (IRS)

Traveling Across the Tree of Life

Traveling Across the Tree of Life

Elemental Stone Activation

Elemental Stone Activation

Ice Realm – The Majik Fountain

Ice Realm – Majik Fountain