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Autodesk Revit & Robot building structural design +draw structural sheets + BOQ + advanced lectures in Revit & Robot

What you will learn

Autodesk Revit and Robot in structural design of a residential building consists of 15 stories + drawing structural sheets + BOQ


This course not just a tutorial on software Revit and Robot but it is a complete understanding about structural design analysis, how civil engineer must begin with the project, how he/she must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element before modeling them check it in the software. In this course we will design a 15 stories of a residential buildings, within the work we will define and design all types of slabs such as (waffle slab, one way ribbed slab, two way ribbed slab, flat slab and solid slab), all types of foundations such as (isolated,combined,strip and mat), earthquake loads, columns and beams and shear walls + Advanced lectures in RevitΒ + Advanced lectures in Robot + design a swimming pool in Robot

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Introduction part 1 Description of the project
Introduction part2 waffle slab type 1 definition and thickness determination
Introduction part 2 waffle slab type 2 definition and thickness determination
Introduction part 2 one way ribbed slab definition and thickness determination
Introduction part 2 flat slab definition and thickness determination
Introduction part 2 solid slab definition and thickness determination

Revit & Robot

Lecture 1 Revit define units and levels
Lecture 2 Revit define Grids
Lecture 3 Revit define and draw columns
Lecture 4 Revit define and draw shear walls
Lecture 5 Revit copy walls and columns to upper stories
Lecture 6 Revit define and draw retaining walls
Lecture 7 Revit define and draw beams
Lecture 8 Revit define and draw slabs
Lecture 9 Revit define and draw foundations
Lecture 10 Revit prepare Revit to Robot
Lecture 11 Revit export Revit to Robot
Lecture 12 Robot define units, materials and codes design
Lecture 13 Robot define sections
Lecture 14 Robot define loads
Lecture 15 Robot define loads combination
Lecture 16 Robot assign mesh to panels
Lecture 17 Robot draw stairs
Lecture 18 Robot draw support
Lecture 19 Robot check and prepare model before run
Lecture 20 Robot define self weight
Lecture 21 Robot run
Lecture 22 Robot define reinforcement rebars for design
Lecture 23 Robot column design
Lecture 24 Robot beams design
Lecture 25 Robot foundation design
Lecture 26 Robot slab design
Lecture 27 Robot define earthquake loads
Lecture 28 Robot check story displacement
Lecture 29 Robot shear wall design
Lecture 30 Robot check deflection
Lecture 31 Revit draw column reinforcement method 1
Lecture 32 Revit draw column reinforcement method 2
Lecture 33 Revit draw wall reinforcement
Lecture 34 Revit draw beam reinforcement
Lecture 35 Revit draw foundation reinforcement
Lecture 36 Revit draw slab reinforcement
Lecture 37 Revit draw structural sheets
Lecture 38 Revit BOQ

Advanced Robot & Revit

Lecture 1 Structural design of a swimming pool with dimensions 20x20x4