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Basic and Advanced Power BI | AI – ML Concepts | Model Building without any code

What you will learn

Power BI – Basic & Advanced

Power BI DAX

How to create and publish visuals using Power BI

Machine Learning Concepts

How to build AI – ML Models without writing a single line of code


In the last 70 years, the world has seen many technology evolutions. The notable ones in the last 5 years are the rise of artificial intelligence – Machine Learning and the rise of zero code or low code approaches in technology.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning is impacting in unimaginable ways from recommending movies and products, preventing diseases to automating processes. Organizations are embracing artificial intelligence and machine learning in a big way.

Power BI epitomizes the recent trends in business intelligence (BI) for interactive, easy to use and self-serve dashboards.

This course brings you both of these in a single course. You learn both Power BI and Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning (AI ML) in a single course.

This course broadly covers four elements:

1. Basic & Advanced Power BI.

2. Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning concepts like Dependent Vs Independent variables, classification vs regression, how to assess accuracy of models

3. AI enabled visuals like what if scenario and key influencers

4. Zero Code Machine Learning – How to build machine learning models using classification and regression algorithms without writing a single line of code. We will also cover NLP (Natural Language Processing), time series forecasting and anomaly detection

There are no pre-requisites for this course, although knowledge of excel would be advantageous.

There are actually 2 courses in this course and both are covered in great detail. Whether your objective is to learn power bi or learn machine learning, this course will deliver the goods for you.






What is Auto ML

What is Auto ML

Introduction to PowerBI


Power BI Download

Introducing the Power BI tool

Loading and Transforming data

Loading the data

Transforming the data

Visualization in PowerBI

Text Box

Card Visual

Stacked Column Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

Multi Row Card

Tree Map

Pie Chart

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Dual Axis Chart (Line and Stacked Column Chart)

Ribbon Chart


Map Visual

Page Tool Tip

Funnel Chart


Introduction to DAX

Gage Chart

AI Enabled Visuals

What If Analysis

Key Influencers

Q and A

Table Relationships

Introduction and 1 to 1 Relationships

1 to Many Relationships

Publishing the report

Publishing the report

AI Concepts

Dependent Vs Independent Variable

ML Concepts

Accuracy in Regression and Classification

Regression and Classification Concepts

Regression and Classification in Power BI

Simple Linear Regression in PowerBI

Multiple Linear Regression in Power BI

Classification in Power BI

Time Series Forecasting and Anomaly Detection Using Power BI

Forecasting and Anomalies Concepts

Time Series Forecasting Using Power BI

Anomaly Detection Using Power BI


What is NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP Concepts

Wordcloud Using Power BI