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Become an Expert on Aroma Touch Technique Diploma Course by Watching These 21 Lecture

What You Will Learn

1. Aroma Touch Intro

2. The Skeletal system

3. Skull,Spine & Bone

4. The Muscular System

5. The Circulatory System

6. The Skin

7. The Endocrine System

8. The Lymphatic System

9. Ethics of massage therapy

10. The Consultation Skills

11. The aroma touch technique

12. Benefits of Aroma Touch

13. Aroma Hand Technique

14. The Doterra range blends

15. Aroma touch back

16. Aroma touch mosquito bite

17. Aroma touch right hand

18. Aroma touch legs

19. Aroma touch legs touch up

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20. Aroma touch head

21. Aroma touch final


  • You will need a device and internet connection to stream videos.
  • Must be understand English well enough to follow the instructions.


Aroma Touch Technique (ATT) is a self-care technique that helps to reduce stress and tension. It is based on the theory that the senses of smell and touch are directly linked to the mind and can be used to improve mental health. The ATT is made up of five steps:

1. Take a few deep breaths to calm down

2. Touch your nose with your fingertips and close your eyes

3. Breathe in the scent of your chosen plant or aroma oil

4. Hold the scent in your nose for a few seconds

5. Release the scent slowly and consciously


The Aroma Touch Technique is a type of massage that uses specially formulated oils to help the therapist stimulate the client’s body. The oils are applied to the skin in a variety of ways, including massaging, brushing, and spraying.

There are many benefits to using this technique, including increased circulation, improved overall health, and relief from pain and tension. In addition, the Aroma Touch Technique is often used to treat conditions such as headaches, back pain, anxiety, and depression.


Aroma Touch Technique is a new and innovative form of massage that uses aromatherapy to help relax and soothe the body. It is said to be beneficial for treating a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

The technique is based on the theory that certain essential oils can have a positive impact on the nervous system and help to reduce stress levels. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a way to improve health and well-being, and this technique is said to be especially helpful in relieving tension and promoting relaxation.

The massage therapist using Aroma Touch Technique will use a mix of fragrances and essential oils to create a custom aroma specifically designed to help treat the individual in need. The massage therapist will also use their hands to gently massage the client’s body, using long strokes and circular movements.

Who this course is for:

  • Aroma Touch Technique Diploma Course
  • Massage therapist