NodeJS, Express, Rest API, API Gateway, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB

What you will learn

Introduction to Nodejs, Events and Streams

Express frameworks

RESTAPI Call to MySQL from Express

RESTAPI Call to MongoDB from Express


Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It is used for building fast and scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. In this course, you will set up Node.js and create Rest API using express with both MySQL and MongoDB and test it using Postman. Express is a node.js web application framework and MySQL, MongoDB are databases used to manage data. Postman is an API testing tool and gives wide support for all possible HTTP methods. Integrating Gateway to route the request and keep track of everything. At last creating and deploying serverless project on AWS Lambda. In this course, you will learn to set up Node.js, learn about important modules in Node.js, Events with Event loop and Event Emitter, Streams and stream pipes, after node you will learn about Express and Creating Rest API using express with both MySQL and MongoDB. Later you will learn to test and verify API using Postman and set up API Gateway for the Rest API. At last you will learn to build serverless application using Node.js.

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Introduction to NodeJS

Lesson 1: Introduction to NodeJS
Practice 1-1:Installing and Setting Node.js platform
Practice 1-2:REPL demo and creating a simple Node.js application
Practice 1-3: Exploring Modules with example in Node.js
Practice 1-4: Setting up NPM and Creating first package using NPM
Quiz 1: Quiz on Introduction to Nodejs

Events in NodeJS

Lesson 2: Events in NodeJS
Practice 2-1: Event Loop and Async Patterns
Practice 2-2: Event Emitter with an Http example
Quiz 2: Quiz on Events

Streams in NodeJS

Lesson 3: Streams in NodeJS
Practice 3-1: Streams with an Http Example
Practice 3-2: Stream methods with an example
Quiz 3: Quiz on Streams

Express Framework

Lesson 4: Express Framework
Practice 4-1: Express with an example
Practice 4-2: Routing in Express
Quiz 4: Quiz on Express frameworks

Restful API using Express

Lesson 5: Restful API using Express
Practice 5-1: Creating CRUD REST API using Express and MySQL
Practice 5-2: Creating CRUD REST API using Express and MongoDB
Quiz 5: Quiz on Restful API using Express

Setting up API Gateway using Node.js and Express

Lesson 6: Setting up API Gateway using Node.js and Express
Quiz 6: Quiz on API Gateway

Building Serverless application using Node.js

Lesson 7: Building Serverless application using Node.js
Practice 7-1: Creating serverless application using NodeJS and AWS Lambda
Quiz 7: Quiz on Serverless application