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How to invest in the best Altcoins and ICOs, analyzing the market and gaining returns!

What you will learn

Understand Altcoins & ICOs

Able to pick the best tokens to study

Invest in the best coins


I truly believe Cryptocurrency is the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in wealth redistribution. It is the time that anyone; no matter your level of knowledge or investment;  to generate incredible returns with your own money, whilst investing in projects that fits with your values. 

I also strongly believe that “Blockchain” – the technology that underpins Cryptocurrencies will radically change our lives for the better in ways no one can fathom. Furthermore, I want to be the person to help you experience this new reality. 

That is why I have continued to study, learn, teach and create products that reveals the truths you need to participate in this new movement. This better news is that this industry is at its infancy stage therefore it is the best time to jump in! So if you want to start dipping your toes in the investment pool, let me hold your hands through the process. 

This Altcoins – Investing In Altcoins & ICOs! Cryptocurrency Training is just what you need.  On April 28th 2013 one Bitcoin was priced at $135.30 (about £100) – today April 23rd, that same coin is priced at  $8,794.39! – (coinmarketcap)

What is interesting is that there was a time when one Bitcoin was only about 10p! If you invested £1000 (£80 per month) in 2013 you will be sitting on a nest egg of over $80,000.

Before you kick yourself and wonder where you were in 2013; let me assure you that the party is not over. The DJ is still spinning the music and so; you can dance. 

There is now a new wave of opportunities to invest even as little as £10 a month in Cryptocurrencies and that is why I have designed this course so that whatever your level of investment you can participate in this dynamic global currencies.

In this No Fluff, Actionable, Strategies Cryptocurrency Training Course you will:

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– Learn how Cryptocurrency works 

– Open your Cryptocurrency exchange accounts,

– Buy Altcoins,

– Learn how to pick good (Initial Coin Offering) ICOs,

– Set your investment strategies.

So lets get started.

Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to teach you all I know!



Lets Get Started – Introduction

Start Here!

Mastering Altcoins & ICO Terms

Introduction; What are Altcoins
What are Tokens?
What are Coins?
What are ICOs

The Investors Perspective!

Section Introduction – To The Investor
The 3 types of coin
Understanding established coins
Understanding Altcoins
Understanding ICOs
How big players make money
How everyone can make money
Investors Perspective Conclusion

How To Choose The Best Coins To Buy!

Section Introduction – “Show Me How To Choose”
How I choose!
Characteristics of a good product/service
Is the product usable?
Offer to stakeholders
Altcoin investment rules. Create yours!

How To Buy Altcoins

Section Introduction – “Show Me How To Buy”
Set Up Account (1)
Validate Account (2)
Selecting the Altcoin
Buying on available platforms
Linking the platforms
Concluding the sale


What Next?