live zoom workshop on Manual Software Testing and ISTQB

What you will learn

Live zoom workshop on Manual Sofware testing

Full knowledge of ISTQB Exam

Explain outline syllabus of Manual Software Testing

Students question and answers


Manual Software Testing live zoom Workshop that covers the ISTQB exam in detail and all about manual software testing and automation testing with students’ questions and answers. It is always said, “The most important part of the movie is the trailer”. I am sure most of you agree with this. So, in this movie of the Manual Testing workshop that we will be going through, let me take you through the trailer. I mean, let us look at the course outline in detail, what we will be covering in the manual testing workshop. In the manual testing course, we will be looking at:

Introduction to software testing?

• What is software testing and

Why is testing important?

• Terminologies used in Software Testing

• Key Concepts- static, dynamic,

• Roles and how you grow in the organization

Causes of defects

• QC and QA

· 7 principles of testing

Fundamental test process followed in the organization

Think and write effective test cases as per industry standards.

Type of Testing: (21 types of testing)

Testing levels

• Unit testing

• Integration testing

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• Component interface testing

• System testing

Process models used in software companies

•Traditional waterfall development model

•Agile or Extreme development model


A sample testing cycle

QA role in Agile Scrum using JIRA- Real-time project

API Testing through the Postman Tool

Mobile App Testing

Practical hands-on writing test cases for web-based applications

Practical hands-on on writing test cases for mobile-based application

Practical hands-on writing test cases for desktop-based applications.


Think and write test cases as per the industry standards, MAIN IDEA: GET YOU INDUSTRY READY




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