Short, detailed videos, explaining each aspect of the Excel Xlookup Function

What you will learn

This Course Is for Excel users, and explains all about the Xlookup Function

Xlookup Explained: Did you know Xlookup can be much quicker to use than Vlookup?

Learn to find data in a table, e.g. for a planet, what is it’s size?

Learn how to use Xlookup rather than Hlookup

Why take this course?

This course is a collection of short, detailed videos, explaining each aspect of the Excel XLOOKUP Function.

XLOOKUP is a function introduced in Microsoft Excel that allows you to search for a value in a range or array and return a corresponding value from another range or array. It is a versatile replacement for several older functions, such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and LOOKUP, providing more flexibility and easier syntax.

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In summary, XLOOKUP is a powerful and flexible tool that can significantly simplify lookup operations in Excel, making it an essential function for users dealing with large datasets and complex spreadsheets.

Advantages of XLOOKUP Over VLOOKUP:

  • No Need for Sorted Data: XLOOKUP can work with unsorted data.
  • Search in Both Directions: XLOOKUP can search from first to last or last to first.
  • Supports 2-D Arrays: Unlike VLOOKUP, which can only look up vertically, XLOOKUP can also search horizontally.
  • Handles Errors Gracefully: The if_not_found parameter allows for more elegant error handling.
  • Simpler Syntax: No need to specify column index numbers as in VLOOKUP.

Practical Use Cases:

  • Finding Prices of Products: Lookup the price of a product based on its name or code.
  • Employee Information: Retrieve details about an employee, such as their department or salary.
  • Data Validation: Check if a value exists in a list and return associated data if it does.