After your sales pitch.
The untapped power of follow up, objections handling and negotiation skills.

What you will learn

Write down your sales funnel and use it to implement effective techniques to follow up with your clients – discover what to say and when

Discover how e-mail should be used to advance the sale, and how to stay away from a few common mistakes

Learn what to say when your sales leads’ raise objections, specially when they tell you “Your price is too high!” or “your competitor offers a lower price”

Use a practical template to prepare your negotiations and learn effective techniques to negotiate win-win agreements with your sales leads


After making a really convincing pitch to your client, after they told you they were so happy with the presentation and will definitely tell their boss about it, you now need to focus on following up with your sales leads, getting past that fear that you will be annoying them, being too insistent with them, or even becoming overall anxious because they haven’t given you any feedback for some time.

Or maybe you are just anxious because you feel your price is quite high, you might fear they will confront you with that, or worse, you fear they will buy what they want from someone else, from a competitor.

Knowing how to follow up, how to handle objections (including the Price Objection) and how to negotiate effectively are KEY skills in the business of selling.

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These skills will help you advance the sale towards the final close, without being pushy, annoying or insistent.

This course is called After your sales pitch: the untapped power of follow up, objections handling and negotiation skills.

You’ll learn how you should follow up, how often, what you should say and you’ll know how to handle (and what to say) in tense situations like price objections and negotiations, all this is part of the next steps in the sale process, after you have completed the FIRST MEETING with your clients, where you did your sales presentation, your demo.





Following Up / Next Meetings

Knowing your Sales Funnel helps you ADVANCE
Using E-mail & Chat effectively to Advance along the Sales Funnel – Part 1
Using E-mail & Chat effectively to Advance along the Sales Funnel – Part 2
Buying Signals and False Buying Signals
What else to expect during Follow Up & Next Meetings

Dealing with Objections

Turning around / Dealing with Objections
How to respond to your most common Sales Objections
How to turnaround the PRICE objection
Are we Negotiating?

Negotiation skills to close the deal

Principles in Negotiation
Preparing a Negotiation: the Negotiation Planner
Negotiation Skills at work: a real example
Wrapping up the Negotiation: Closing

Putting it all together

Putting all of it together. The next steps.

Additional learnings

How to use a system to track your sales activity
The power of Knowing your Numbers in sales
A gift for Star Students