A complete video editing course focusing on the essentials of Adobe Premiere Pro so you can edit with fluency right now.

What you will learn

Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro in One Hour

Import Footage

Rotate iPhone Footage

Cut Footage

Adjust Audio Levels

Make Titles

Add Animation FX to Titles

Use Transitions

Add Filters like Black n White/Color/Contrasts/Blur

Unlink Audio and Video

Crop Video

Split Screen with Two Videos

Green Screen Footage

Cut Out a Subject with a Mask

Generate Matte Layers to See Through Video

Use Scaling

Adjust Speed and Slow Motion

Change Colors

Add Motion

Use Keyframes

Add Audio Gain and FX


For Video Editors looking for the basics in slow-paced lessons in a concise overall course.

Importing Footage will teach you the basic ways to import footage and options in your project bin.

Cutting Footage use the razor blade tool or trim of the ends.

Make Titles and add motion and colorizing effects to make them stand out.

Make Lower Thirds and use the simple title to change the graphics by selecting different font choices to give you very cool graphics quickly.

Audio Techniques from voiceovers to interview footage to a/b roll and unlinking audio from video. Adjust the levels of volume and learn the audio meters and waveforms.

Matte Layers are simple black and white video files that use squares and rectangles that are animated across the screen. Using the multiply in the opacity blend section, the white is removed and the video appears.

Cropping Effects are used to take out the edges of titles or graphics. Keyframes are added to make these cropping lines move to animate their way to and from the edge of a graphic to its center.

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Scaling is used to make things smaller or larger.

Motion can be found under the Effect controls Tab. Use the X and Y coordinates to position the subject. Add the Keyframes to program where it will stop and start.

Opacity determines how much a video or graphic layer will be seen or not seen. Take it down from 100% to 50% and you’ll be able to see through it to whatever is on the next video track.

Masking refers to cutting away the subject in a video with the Free Draw Bezier tool. You’ve probably worked your way around a person in Photoshop, tracing around the arms and body to key out the background. This same principle applies here in creating a mask. Connect the outer dots and cut out the subject.

Effect Filters are an easy way to make something happen right away, but how are they used and what can they do are the questions we will answer in this course.

Skew Titles behind an actor to make to 3 dimensional.

And So Much More! Each lesson has a plethora of information that you can use for your editing projects. Quick mini-lessons with a concept in mind. Get the basics and some cool tricks to get going quickly.

  • Overview of Premiere

  • Importing

  • Cutting

  • Rotating iPhone Footage

  • A/B Roll and Unlinking Audio

  • Audio Equalizing, Voiceovers & Interview Techniques

  • Basic Filters

  • Lower Thirds

  • Title FX

  • Cropping

  • Effect Controls

  • Motion

  • Scaling

  • Opacity

  • Green Screens

  • Exporting for YouTube



Level 1: How to Edit in Premiere

Premiere Pro: The Basics – Edit Footage in 8 minutes.
Importing Footage
Cutting Footage
Rotate iPhone Footage
Adding Pictures Montages, Dissolves and Fades

Level 2: Common Every Day Skills to Know

Making Titles with FX
Utilize A/B Roll Footage
Adding Music
Make Transitions
Lower Thirds Graphics

Level 3: Intermediate Video Editing Skills

Enhancing Audio and Voice Over Tracks
Green Screen Basics
Cropping Video
Change Speeds: Fast or Slow Motion
Very Basic Color Correction

Level 4: Useful Hints You Can Use Now

How to Use Basic Filters
Clean up Interview Dialogue
Make Split Screen with Two Videos
Adding a Simple Logo Over Transitions
Rotate a Graphic Using Rotation and Keyframes

Level 5: Congratulations! Now You’re a Video Editor

Skew Title 3D Behind Subject
Exporting Still Images and Adding Flashes of White
Mission Completed: Exporting Your Final Video