Adobe After Effects CC: Learn To Make Motion Graphics Now
Create motion graphics and animation videos for fun or Profit and get ready for success in Adobe After Effects CC

What you will learn

Learn basics of Adobe After Effects CC

Students are able to make their own new motion graphics video like pro beginners


Ready to create new motion graphics videos or edit videos like a pro then this course helps you in the introductory dive of Adobe After Effects CC for beginners. Here you will get detailed topics on every concept of After Effects. After enrolling in this course your dive in Motion Graphics begin.

A detailed summary of course what i offer to you in this course

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  1. Motion graphics videos in after effects
  2. This course is for every student who wants to begin with Adobe After Effects or creating motion graphics
  3. The course provides the basic layout of after effects
  4. Animating illustrator graphics to more complex motion graphics
  5. How to export your Motion graphics as a video
  6. Assembling your workspace and project/composition
  7. 50 minutes of Course with 5 Sections and 7 lectures

What are the material requirements for Motion graphics?

  • PC/mac
  • Adobe After Effects CC trial

What is the target audience?

  • Any beginner in Adobe after effects CC
  • Graphics Designer
  • Web designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Visual Artists

    Unlock your creative potential with our comprehensive motion designer course. Dive into industry-leading software, master animation techniques, and bring your ideas to life. Elevate your skills and embark on a journey of visual storytelling excellence. Join us today!



Introduction to basics of Adobe After Effects CC

Intro to Adobe After Effect CC
Where you have to first Import your files in Adobe After Effects CC ?

Creating your First Composition

Making new composition in after effects
Import and Export files in after effects CC

Animating Graphics to motion Graphics

Animating illustrator graphic designs to Motion graphics
Creating mask path effect on text layers
Animation in graphics and text

Tricks for animating Text layers

Animating Text layers with advanced effect

Assembling Project in after effects

How to Export your project as an video
how to assemble and save your project