Learning To Listen When Nobody Else Is

What you will learn

What active listening is, and why it’s valuable, including as antidote to pandemic loneliness

How to apply the 3 steps of Active Listening

Two easy tips to gauge your success immediately

One simple tool to make Active Listening a habit

Why take this course?

What’s unique about this course is:

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  • You get to learn through animation and storytelling. You follow the story of “Agile Adventurer Ana” – why she wants to learn Active Listening, what’s at stake for her, what’s holding her back, and how she beats the odds
  • Fun, practical ways to actually acquire the skill of active listening, not just a theoretical description
  • Scenarios, simulations, sample language to use and practical approaches like a buddy system and step-by step guides
  • Certification with the EQ Agile Academy available


  • 15 micro-learning modules, 3-6 minutes each, 1.5 hours of content and interactive activities.

Who this course is for:

  • Connection seekers: People who want to better connect with others, especially during the social isolation time of the pandemic
  • Relationship developers: Those of you who want to improve the quality of your professional and personal relationships
  • Agile newbies and junkies alike