Value investing, Portfolio Management, International Markets and Basics of Value Investing

What you will learn

Portfolio Tools

Building a Value Investor Portfolio

Managing Portfolio

Stock Investing Fundamentals


let’s make learning awesome with better collaboration, this course is part of a Series Value Investing 101.

“Crafting a Winning Portfolio in Stock Investing” is aimed at empowering individuals with the right approach needed to effectively navigate the stock market. It manages essential topics such as portfolio construction, risk management, and value creation.  Here we can work on improving these subjects mainly. Value investing is a fundamental investment strategy that involves picking stocks that appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic or book value. The core concept behind value investing is to buy undervalued stocks and hold them for a long period, with the expectation that their prices will eventually reflect their true worth, leading to a profit. Here are some of the basics of stock markets and value investing:

1. Marketing

Understanding market trends, identify sectors with growth potential, and present findings.

2. Stock Selection Simulation

Use fundamental and technical analysis to select a diversified portfolio of stocks. Justify selections based on specific criteria such as P/E ratios, market cap, growth potential, etc.

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Decision-making in different stock selections and making the best selections.

3. Risk Management Plan

Develop a comprehensive risk management plan for a hypothetical investment portfolio, including strategies for hedging, stop-loss orders, and diversification.

Here we will learn topics like risk assessment, risk mitigation strategies, and portfolio diversification.

4. Portfolio Management

Decide which assets to buy, hold, or sell, and make a decision under uncertainty, and adaptability and build a portfolio that is adaptable and value-generating with market trends.




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