Facebook Marketing: For Ecommerce Solutions , Fans to Sales, Ideas and Strategies of Promotions and Using Skills

What you will learn

Create and Manage Your Ads at Facebook

Convert your Facebook fans into paying customers

Grow your Facebook business page with RIGHT type of fans

The ability to manage and customize your page / post Contents

Create a system to consistently generate hot leads from Facebook



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Introduction and Course Scenario

General Introduction
What You Are Going To Get From This Course
What Is The Target Audience?

FaceBook Marketing Psychology

Why Do People Use Facebook ?
What Do Businesses Needs From Facebook ?
Why Businesses Sometimes Fail in Facebook and How It Become Success ?

7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable

Overview of 7 Ways Psychology
Way 1: Always Show Faces.
Way 2: Emotions Always Win.
Way 3: Use Red to Catch Attention
way 4: Make Your Customer Part of the Cool Crowd
way 4: Part1: Social Proof
way 4: Part2: Social Contagion
way 5: Increase A Viewer’s Dissonance
way 6: Make Your Product Scarce
way 7: Use The Ultimate Words

How to Use The Ultimate Words in Your Posts and Promotions ?

Overview of Useing The Ultimate Words
Using Word: “YOU”
Using Word: “Free”
Using Word: “Because”
Using Word: “Instantly”
Using Word: “New”

Create and Manage Your First Page With FaceBook

Create Your First Page At Facebook
Customize Your Page With Basic Settings
Set Up Your Page Configurations
Add Profile Picture
Add Page To Favorites
Set Up Your Page Audience
Add a Cover For the Page
Manage Basic Contents and Settings at the Page
Add Contents To the Page

Create Your First Promotion By Boost Post

Overview of Boost Post Preview
Define the Target Audience for the Post
Configure the Budget of Promotion and Duration
Choose The Payment Method