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Know Your Worth, Portray Your Strength, & Say What You Mean

What you will learn

Figure out your self-worth by recognizing your talents and skills as it relates to the subject at hand.

Tally up all of your accomplishments over the course of your career.

Assess your value compared to others doing the same exact work; compare apples to apples.

Recognize strong body language and adopt it to your style.

Watch your tone so that you may get what you need from the communication.

Use your words carefully to convey the correct message.

Adopt scripts that can help you reach your goals with your message.

Get ready to roll with the “punches” and prepare for the pushback.

Hold steady to your bottom line with these proven techniques.


Learning negotiating strategies is more challenging than you think. It will involve your thoughts, movements, and what comes out of your mouth. The brain is forced to access information much differently, and this can quickly overload your senses and emotions. This course aims to overcome this challenge, by introducing you to new ways of thinking, moving, and talking to get what you deserve because you are worth it!

3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women. Abandon the negative myths about negotiation and learn to build relationships as well as get results. You’ll be more confident and successful in your career by learning how to:

  • Assess Your Worth
  • Ensure that You’re Conveying Strength with Your Body, Tone of Voice & Your Words
  • Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation
  • Polish your communication skills that will allow you to successfully achieve your goals.
  • Develop Your Own Scripts To Negotiate with Dignity and Honor.
  • There are many benefits to knowing how to negotiate. You can become a more valuable employee in a variety of industries, especially since the modern world operates with negotiation as a standard form of communication. You can also get promoted to a better position and more job opportunities with ease if you know these skills.

    But mastering negotiation strategies can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s why I have included exercises to train your mind to learn new strategies and put the information into practice immediately and in all areas of your life. The 3 Negotiation Strategies Designed Just for Women created by Michelle Marchand Canseco, makes learning them fun by using games, characters, and exercises to start mastering these strategies right in the course!




    Why Do We Need to Negotiate?

    Negotiation is an important part of business; you do it every day of your life!

    What You Already Know about Negotiation

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    What You Don’t know that You Don’t Know about Negotiation

    Are You Worth It?

    Acknowledging Your Self-Worth

    What Have You Done for Me Lately?

    Assessing Your Value

    Body Language To Convey Strength & Confidence

    Use Your Body Language as A Tool To Convey Strength & Confidence

    Watch Your Tone!

    Select Your Words Carefully to Convey the Correct Message

    What To Say & How To Say It

    Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Prepare for the game!

    Know Your Bottom Line, Reciprocity, & Your Negotiation Script


    What Do You Know about How Women & Men Negotiate?

    Putting It Altogether for A Successful Negotiation