Part 1 of 2 of the 25 Projects of Python in 25 Days Course Series

What you will learn

Grasp Python fundamentals: Learn variables, control structures, and syntax. Build a strong foundation in Python programming.

Gain coding skills: Hands-on projects and exercises for practical experience. Apply Python concepts to real-world scenarios.

Enhance problem-solving: Develop strategies to solve coding challenges. Design efficient algorithms using Python.

Create Python programs: Independently develop applications. Implement functionalities, work with libraries, meet specific requirements.


Welcome to Part 1 of the 25 Projects of Python in 25 Days course!

This beginner-friendly course is for students who want to explore the basics of Python programming. Students do not need any prior coding/programming experience before starting Part 1 of the 25 Projects of Python in 25 Days Course.

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In this part of the course, we will go over basic Python topics, including:

  • Basic Data Types (Integers, Floats, Strings)
  • Basic Python Operations
  • Taking Input from users
  • Basic String Manipulation
  • Imported Modules
  • If/Else/Elif conditional statements
  • Comparison Operators and Boolean Expressions
  • Nested Conditionals and Multi-Way Decisions
  • While Loops and For Loops
  • Loop Control Statements
  • Loop Patterns (counting and summing)

After completing Part 1 of the 25 Projects of Python in the 25 Days course series, you are recommended to start Part 2 of the 25 Projects of Python in the 25 Days course series. Part 2 will go over more advanced Python topics such as creating and utilizing functions, recursion, lists, and dictionaries. At the end of Part 2, presumably around 25 days after starting Part 1 of the course, students will complete their 25th Python project, a Battle Royale Project, which will incorporate lesson material learned from BOTHΒ Part 1 ANDΒ Part 2 of the 25 Projects of Python in 25 Days course.



UNIT 0: First Steps in Python

Replit Setup
Your First Python Program
Unit 0 Review

UNIT 1: Basics of Python Programming

Lesson 1: Basic data types (integers, floating-point numbers, strings)
Lesson 2: Arithmetic operations and mathematical expressions
Lesson 3: Variables and Input
Lesson 3.1: Using a Template from a Project
Lesson 4: Basic string manipulation
Lesson 5: Utilizing imported modules
Unit One Final Project Walkthrough
Unit 1 Review
Unit 1 Quiz

UNIT 2: Conditionals

Unit 2 Introduction
Lesson 1: Conditional statements (if, else, elif)
Lesson 2: Comparison operators and Boolean expressions
Lesson 3: Nested conditionals and multi-way decisions
Unit Two Final Project Walkthrough
Unit 2 Review
Unit 2 Quiz

UNIT 3: Repetition and Loops

Unit 3 Introduction
Lesson 1: While loops and the concept of iteration
Lesson 2: For loops and iterating over sequences
Lesson 3: Loop control statements (break, continue)
Lesson 4: Loop patterns and examples (counting, summing)
Unit Three Final Project Walkthrough
Unit 3 Review
Unit 3 Quiz

Part 1 Conclusion

Half-Way Done