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900 Questions based on PMBOK 7th Edition | Questions on Agile/Hybrid/Predictive | 6 Full-Length Exams | New Format 2023


Are you determined to conquer the CAPM Exam on your very first attempt?

Welcome to your ultimate CAPM Exam preparation companion!

Unlock the gateway to Project Management success. This meticulously crafted course equips you with the expertise needed to excel in the CAPM Exam.

Imagine being armed with the latest and most comprehensive mock practice tests that mirror the real exam scenario. Our course revolves around the freshest PMI Examination Content Outline (ECO) for the CAPM Exam takers, aligning perfectly with the January Exam Update. Your path to confidence in passing the actual CAPM Certification Exam starts here!

Key Features:

  • 900 Premium Questions: Questions based on PMBOK 7th Edition, questions on Agile/Predictive/Business Analysis, immerse yourself in a vast repository of questions meticulously designed to challenge, inspire, and reinforce your grasp of CAPM principles.
  • 6 Full-Length Mock Practice Tests: Dive into realistic exam simulations, each thoughtfully constructed to match the rigors of the actual CAPM Exam.
  • In-Depth Answer Explanations: Unearth the reasoning behind each answer with rich explanations that clarify concepts and bridge knowledge gaps.
  • PMBOK Guide 7th Edition Alignment: Your journey is guided by the industry’s latest standards, ensuring your knowledge is not just current, but cutting-edge.
  • Complete Exam Coverage: Traverse all 4 domains, including Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts (36%), Predictive Plan Based Methodologies (17%), Agile Frameworks / Methodologies (20%), and Business Analysis Frameworks (27%), alongside Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid approaches. This comprehensive approach prepares you not just for the exam, but for a thriving career.
  • Performance Insights: Gauge your progress and readiness through carefully crafted practice tests. Identify areas for improvement and propel yourself towards excellence.

Course Structure:

Immerse yourself in a learning experience that mirrors the real exam conditions. With 6 sets of timed practice tests, you’ll gain invaluable experience tackling the CAPM Exam:

Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –   1  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –  2  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –  3  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –  4  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –  5  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

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Full-Length 2023 CAPM Exam  –  6  |  150 Questions – 180 Minutes

Success Formula:

The path to CAPM success is paved with practice. Aim for repeated scores above 90% on each practice test to maximize your readiness and bolster your confidence.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, remember that this course is founded on the principles of:

  • Precision: Aligned with the PMI Examination Content Outline and the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition.
  • Current: Reflecting the latest CAPM Exam updates for 2023.
  • Effectiveness: Shaping your skills with real-world scenario-based questions.

Prepare to soar beyond expectations. With this course you experience the transformation that comprehensive, dynamic practice can bring to your CAPM journey!

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Who this course is for:

  • Candidates for the CAPM Certification Exam – Latest Update.

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