I want to help you overcome the biggest obstacle in starting and growing in the ServiceNow space.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn the basics and fundamentals of becoming a ServiceNow Administrator.

Master the tips and tricks in becoming a ServiceNow expert, where to start and how to get there.

Get the clear steps on how to succeed in becoming a Certified ServiceNow Administrator on your first exam take.

Build your first ServiceNow project and obtain experience. Giving you the confidence to stand alone and be impactful to your colleagues.


I am a certified ServiceNow Instructor and would like to share with you the skillset and foundation needed to ramp up and be familiar with the ServiceNow platform.

If you are a career changer, someone starting to use ServiceNow, looking for expert tips and tricks, and ramping up from zero to hero, or in your journey to be a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator (CSA) then this course is right for you.

The series of chapters discussed will guide you from beginner to expert. It is your library of how-to’s, tips, and tricks. It will also provide continued guidance as you journey with your ServiceNow career.

As you cruise on your path to success, the topics show easy steps. They will help you thrive in the ServiceNow field.

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Important: This is a hands-on sequel and advise you to follow along from day one to get the most out of this program.

Take this opportunity to become an expert in the shortest period. Get your hands dirty and make mistakes. Get more experience as you explore and master ServiceNow.

The course ends with a practice project. It will show you how the platform uses the discussed features. Giving you a greener pasture as you complete this voyage.

I am looking forward to you giving me positive feedback as I help you pass this big obstacle.




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Topics to Be Covered
The Undeniable Truth About The ServiceNow Platform
Sneak Peak ServiceNow Virtual Instructor Led Training
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