Start learning and earning online

What you will learn

What is work online

Selecting an online field

Training yourself for your online field

Starting online working

Making an online career

10 ways to make money online


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This is a simple, short, straight course about working and earning online in Urdu/ Hindi language. The course follows the audio method and presents you with 10 methods to earn online in less than 2 hours.

Working online has become a passion and people are working online around the globe. Many people fail to understand the basic concept and mindset of online working and that’s why they fail. In this course, we have tried to explain the concept first. Then we have taught about how to select your field and then how to learn what to do and how to do and how to make it your career. Finally, we have presented 10 methods to work and earn online. We hope you will be able to get one for yourself.

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We hope that this short and brief course will help you learn something and you will be able to move forward. Stay tuned to Business Touch for our other courses. Our masterpiece course “Business Pro Course” is also available on Udemy and that is a mix of business and personal development topics.

10 methods to earn online is an effort to aware people with relevant talent and skills start making their skills their source of income. Online world is full of opportunities and we need only to understand them and utilize them to the best.





Selecting Online Work

How to select your online field?

Learning & Practice

How to learn and practice your work?

10 Online Earning Methods

Method 1: Facebook
Method 2: YouTube
Method 3: Blogging
Method 4: Freelancing
Method 5: Commission
Method 6: Facebook Marketplace
Method 7: Social Accounts Management Services
Method 8: Affiliate Marketing
Method 9: Publish e-Books
Method 10: Tutor Services

Online earning; Conclusion

Online earning mindset and concept
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