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What you will learn

Amazing magic tricks to impress your family, friends or anyone

Ranging from simple tricks to more challenging ones but really impressive

Card tricks, coin tricks, ring tricks and more

Card manipulation techniques


I have been practicing magic since I was a teenager, having performed magic now for over a decade.  I don’t perform nowadays as much, just part-time during special celebration events, though I used to perform a lot of magic, especially in my late teens and early 20s, back in high school and university, I performed during a lot of events, parties, on the street, on the stage for audience of up to 1000, and had my own festival show for 2 years.

I can speak from experience this type of exposure and experience is really good for character building as it boosts your confidence and social skills which arguably is useful in any field.

This course includes detailed video recordings of magic performances and tutorials teaching you how they are done in step by step detail.  Includes 10 different individual magic tricks varying from card, coin and ring tricks.

Also includes a great deal of useful coo l card manipulation moves which will in turn enable you to perform many more magic tricks.

I have used the tricks I teach you in this course throughout my repertoire, and I can tell you first hand through experience, many of the tricks shared here work really well and can really impress laymen in a BIG way when performed right.

Includes tricks such as ambitious card, cup and ball routine, popular ring and coin magic routines, mind reading card prediction, moving pip prediction, quick vanish tricks and much more.

The tricks vary from easy to challenging in terms of difficulty level.  Some of the tricks are very easy to execute yet highly impressive, and others a bit more challenging and require some work and practice, especially the manipulation moves, but with work, you will look professional to laymen and really impress your friends, family or anyone.

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Live Performance

Tricks & Tutorials

Trick 1 – Card Morph
Trick 1 Card Morph Tutorial
Trick 2 – Ambitious Card
Trick 2 Ambitious Card Tutorial
Trick 3 – Card From Mouth
Trick 3 Card From Mouth Tutorial
Trick 4 – Ring Trick
Trick 4 Ring Trick Tutorial
Trick 5 – Cup & Ball Routine
Trick 5 Cup & Ball Routine Tutorial
Trick 6 – Mind Reading Card Predication
Trick 6 Mind Reading Card Predication Tutorial
Trick 7 – Coin Trick
Trick 7 Coin Trick Tutorial
Trick 8 – Quick Vanish
Trick 8 Quick Vanish Tutorial
Trick 9 – Moving Pip Prediction
Trick 10 – Many Manipulation Tricks Combined
Trick 10 Manipulation Tricks Tutorial
Final Manipulation Trick


Live Performance 2
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