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What you will learn

How to identify key Windows services and explain their function

How to start, stop and restart a service

How to change service settings


Over this course, you’ll learn about key Windows services, including the following:


DHCP, Workstation & Server

Secondary Login & Group Policy Client

Remote Access and Remote Registry

Windows Installer & Windows Time

User Profile, Netlogin and Windows Security

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Also included on this course are any commands that would be associated with these services, for example the DHCP service includes an explanation of the ipconfig command that would be used to view a machine’s current IP address





Services Console Overview
Managing Windows Services

Remote Procedure Call & DHCP

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service
DHCP Client Service

Workstation & Server

Workstation & Server Services

Secondary Logon & Group Policy Client

Secondary Logon Service
Group Policy Client Service

Remote Desktop & Remote Registry

Remote Desktop Services
Remote Registry Service

Windows Installer & Windows Time

Windows Installer Service
Windows Time Service

User Profile, Netlogon & Windows Security

User Profile Service
Netlogon Service
Windows Security Services