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What you will learn

Planning your upgrade project

Auditing your network environment

Communicating with departments within your organisation

Preparing your helpdesk team for additional incoming queries

Disposing of old equipment securely


Over this course, you’ll learn about the different stages involved in upgrading an organisation’s computer network from Windows 7 to Windows 10, this includes considerations such as:


* Planning your upgrade project

* Identifying potential issues before proceeding with the upgrade

* Auditing your network environment

* Communicating with various departments within your organisation

* Ensuring that your IT helpdesk team are prepared to deal with additional incoming support requests.

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* Disposing of old equipment securely


There are also some real-world examples of unexpected hardware and software issues that can occur during a Windows 10 upgrade project. Whilst  the best way to upgrade depends on your organisation, the basics are explained within this course.




Migration Overview

Windows 10 Versions, Auditing and Hardware Requirements

Windows 10 Versions
Auditing your environment
Windows 10 Hardware Requirements

Department Communication & Application Compatibility

Communicating with departments
Application Compatibility

User Profiles, Missing User Data & Printer Drivers

User Profiles
Missing User Data
Printers and Printer Drivers

32-bit vs 64-bit & Upgrade Priorities

32-bit vs 64-bit
Upgrade Priorities

Swap-Out Upgrades, Helpdesk Preparation & Old Equipment

Swap Out Upgrade Method
Preparing your Helpdesk Team
Decommissioning Old Equipment