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What you will learn

Understand the counter system of ARC

Understand what ARC is

Know the 3 reference types (for memory management)

Think about the engineering & how to use ARC



================  13 years in iOS ====================


1. This course is free. I hope that it helps to continue the discussions on architecture with the new realise of SwiftUI. We can use this as a wonderful excuse to understand a bit more about iOS and how we can best make use of the frameworks available to us.


2. We introduce the concept of ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) and the 3 different options available for storing objects in memory.


3. We create some very short and simple code within a Swift playground. This is included within the video as a resource (the same with all our courses) so that you can follow along and try it for yourself!


Tip: Sample Code Is Included so why not download it and try it for yourself!


Free Videos & Courses


These courses are free. I hope you enjoy them. I keep the course short. 1 hour is pretty good to learn some new tricks. Architecture is the foundation of engineering and I hope I can encourage everyone to learn more about it. I will help out where I can and share as often as possible.


The Instructor

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Check out my Instructor profile (just briefly) and glance over it to know about my experience. After 13 years on iOS I would like to start giving back and supporting my fellow iOS developers.

Apple has given me a great career and if possible I would like to contribute to this incredibly talented and highly skilled community.


Whats a Mini Course


A course that is roughly 1 hour long and with only a handful of videos so that it is easily completable in a day! So many people have asked for short little courses and I completely understand why users / developers would want something they can finish in an hour. I hope this helps.


Coming Soon


  • How To Perform A Code Review

  • What Is SwiftUI? Part 2

Hope to see you soon x




What Is ARC? (Automatic Reference Counting)

3 Reference Types (strong, weak and unowned)

Strong References
Weak References
Unowned References

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How Closures Capture Objects
Engineering Decisions Using Strong References In Closures
Always Execute Your Callbacks Using Strong References

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