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Fundamentals and Step-By-Step Guide to Build Effective Conversation Focused Funnels to Skyrocket Your Business

What you will learn

What is Sale Funnel

Understand what sells and what doesn’t

Identify your buyer’s pain points & desires

Integrate the AIDA formula into your selling process

Create and locate your customer avatar

Identify the different types of sales funnels and when to use them

Master the different types of offers (Tripwire, OTO, Upsell, Downsell)

Comprehend what to offer in your sells funnel

Learn how to use the different programs and software to automate sales funnels

Learn how to use the different programs to build perfect landing pages

Get all your sites and apps working together

Know which tools to use to produce high quality audiovisual content

Choose the best setup for your business

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Optimize your sales funnels and landing pages

Write effective content and sales emails

Automate follow-up emails for new leads Master the free methods

Setup automated email sequences for nurturing leads


Sales Funnel Masterclass: Increase Sales with Sales Funnel

Sales funnels cover the WHOLE selling process, from the first interaction with the potential client to a fully satisfied buying customer.

Regardless if you have a product or service or sell products as an affiliate, this course is created to take you by the hand through the series of steps, tools, concepts, pages, emails, and integrations associated with selling anything online.

This is the complete sales funnels and conversions course.

In this course, you’ll not only see the most effective ways to build efficient sales funnels. You’ll learn real skills that will improve your digital marketing skills dramatically. Things such as:

What is Sales funnel

  1. How to Sell
  2. Create Client Avatars
  3. Generate Leads By The Numbers
  4. Implement The Right Type Of Funnel
  5. Create Irresistible Offers
  6. Automate The Selling Process
  7. Implement Leak-Proof Funnels
  8. Design Perfect Landing Pages and Lead Magnets
  9. Create High-Converting Email Sequences
  10. 10. Creating sales funnel Using Thrive Theme

So, take this course now and watch the game-changer for you. It will completely enhance your skillset when it comes to digital marketing, selling products and services online, and moving people through the customer journey.



Sales Funnel Masterclass
Sales Funnel Explained
What you expect in this course
Art of Selling
Art of Selling
Identifying Buyer Pain Points
Identifying Buyer Desires
The AIDA Formula
Buyer Persona , Target Audience
Who is your Customer Avatar?
Where is your Customer Avatar?
Lead Generation
Why lead generation?
Types of lead generation?
Lead Generation Lead Magnet ?
Type of Sales Funnel
Basic anatomy of a sales funnel?
Front End Funnel ?
Back End Funnel ?
The Self-Liquidating Funnel?
The Profit Funnel
What to Offer in The Funnel
The Tripwire offer?
The One Time Offer ( the oto )?
The Usell and Down sells?
Tech and Automation Setup Challenge
Website and Sales funnel
Domain Name and Hosting
Overview of Sales funnel Builder Tool
Thrive Theme Overview
Get response email
Thrive Theme Landing Page
Email Autoresponder
Connecting API Get response and WordPress Thrive theme
Create your Auto-response and Connecting with WordPress
Thank You page
Thank You Watch -Review and Rating