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Outsource tedious Podcasting tasks. Save time and money while growing your Podcasts.

What you will learn

Remove all the drudgery and technical hurdles to Podcasting

Focus on creating amazing Podcast content and let the details be looked after by themselves

Global Outsource all Their Tasks and Projects

Hire expert outsourcers and freelancers

Understand the outsourcing services available to them


Discover the power of outsourcing your Podcast production. Imagine that all you have to do is show up, record, and all the drudgery of Podcasting is handled by a highly-skilled group of freelancers and outsourcers from around the world as you sleep!

Instead of spending fruitless days picking away at your audio, never seeming to get it right, week after frustrating week, your professional sound engineer edits it and has it sounding as polished as you are in short hours. Then your transcriber turns your show into an article and blog post as your VA uploads the show onto your Podcast hosting server.

You get the highest quality at prices you can afford!

Plus you are helping people all over the world get out of poverty.

Producing Podcasts requires a wide range of skills: Audio editing, writing, uploading, finding guests and scheduling them then thanking them and a whole lot more. The problem is that each task may only take a couple hours, but:

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  1. They are hours you don’t have
  2. Each week when you go to do them, you start all over as you don’t do them enough to really remember them from week to week.

By outsourcing you’ll be able to produce your Podcasts faster and spend only a fraction of what you would have otherwise expensed in time and money.

Outsourcing your Podcast has endless possibilities – you just need to know how to apply it effectively and efficiently.

Scott Paton, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, has been using outsourcers for the past seven years to produce products, like his Podcasting platform, he could never have made himself, to save time and money on projects he could never have completed himself.

He shares with you the industry secrets to finding high-performing outsourcers and keeping them long term. When you finish this course, you’ll be able to find quality freelancers to look after all aspects of Podcast production, so that you can focus on the most important things: Being the best Podcast host you can be!



Introduction to Outsourcing to Save Time and Money

Introduction and What to Expect
Introduce Yourself
About Scott

PodAssist Podcast Outsourcing

Introduction to PodAssist
How to Work With an Outsourcer
How to Handle the Life/Work Balance
What makes for a Great Podcast
How to Improve Your Podcasts
Matt’s Tip For Starting a Podcast

UpWork Outsourcing

Introduction to UpWork
Audio Editing Your Episodes
Transcribing Your Podcasts
Scheduling Your Podcast Guests
Inviting a Freelancer to Work with You
UpWork Quiz

Conclusions and Bonus Lectures

Next Steps
Join Our Facebook Group
Help Your Fellow Students
Learn To Podcast
Bonus Lecture: Done For You Podcasting and Write a Bestseller at the Same Time W

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