Learn Android hacking By Using Metasploit

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โ˜‘ Learn Android Hacking

โ˜‘ How to Hack Multiple Android Devices At same time

โ˜‘ Easy Way to Hack Android

โ˜‘ Android Hack

โ˜‘ Hack Android Phone

โ˜‘ Android Studio

โ˜‘ Hack Android Mobile


We will use msfvenom for creating a payload and save it as an apk file. After generating the payload, we need to setup a listener to Metasploit framework. Once the target downloads and installs the malicious apk then, an attacker can easily get back a meterpreter session on Metasploit. An attacker needs to do some social engineering to install apk on the victimโ€™s mobile device.

in this course we gonna learn different kind of lauching attacks

Basic and Complete Course On Android Hacking By using metasploit

You can multiple Devices.. Easy to Hack

There are lots of commands available in Meterpreter. By using the โ€œ?โ€ help command, you will see more options that we can perform with an Android device. We have successfully penetrated the Android device using Kali Linux and penetration testing tools.

You can also perform this attack on the public network, using a public IP address and a port-forwarding router.

Letโ€™s quickly look at some tips which prevent these types of attack.

  • Donโ€™t allow downloading any apps from cloud websites
  • Donโ€™t install apps with an unknown resources enabled option
  • Use antivirus in a mobile device
  • Donโ€™t click any random links
  • Never download an unwanted apk file from unknown source
  • Always confirm with the source of the file to be doubly sure




Introduction And Topics Which We gonna cover in this course



How to setup Lab in Windows

Linux setup in cmd

Windows Setup

How to install Metasploit In Windows And VPS

Installing Metasploit In RDP

Installing Metasploit in Windows Linux

How to Hack Android In Easy way

Hacking Android 1

Hacking Android 2

How to Modify Source Code Of Metasploit Payload

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Adding Link to Payload

Adding Package Name

How to Change Payload Icon And Name

Changing Icon

How to change Apk name

How To Bind Your Metasploit Payload to Any Apk

Binding And Hack

Next section

How To Hack Android Device In Different Ways

Intoduction and setup

Hacking with calculator

Hacking When Phone is on Charge Mode

Hack When The Victim connect His Headphones

Hack with dail code

What Steps You Need To Do After Hacking Android Device

After Hack

How to Make Your Metasploit Payload to run Presistance


How to Spy on Android Screen

Binding spying On screen

How Easy To Bypass Google Play Protect

Bypassing Play Protect

How To Hack More than one Android Device with single payload

Hacking More than one Android Device with single payload