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(18 hrs) Generations; Cultural Diversity and Management -& Leadership in India & Industrial Organisational Strategy

What you will learn

The importance of cultural diversity

The importance of age diversity

Working in a multi-generational office

The Skeldon approach

Dressing gown theory

Artificial Intelligence and Generation Alpha

How to motivate Baby Boomers AND Millennials

Industrial Organisational Strategy

Leadership in India


IMPORTANT: This course has an emphasis on discussion – the course is to a world-wide global class. We can all learn from one another. This long  Diploma course is serious and workbooks and assignments are set. Leadership is not about watching videos alone but discussing, considering, suggesting and then making decisions. The Educational Announcements and the Q/A ensure that this course is always up to date.

Recent review:

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“love detailed oriented people, and this instructor not only has a vision, he takes the best time to explain himself and his method”

  • Twenty new lectures added 25th May 2021
  • New lecture added 6th April 2020: Leadership Research. This lecture includes extensive homework.
  • WORKBOOK ADDED APRIL 2020: Leadership in India
  • WORKBOOK ADDED 29 July 2020: Industrial Organisational Strategy

This course is split into three sections:


  • Generations in workplace
  • 8 things to know Millennials
  • Generation alpha
  • The Skeldon approach

Cultural diversity

  • Benefits
  • Dressing Gown theory
  • Challenges


  • Managing Baby Boomers
  • Managing a multi-generational workplace

The emphasis throughout in giving practical examples and the setting of research topics. You – the students from 166 countries – know far more than I do about your own culture, your own skills and your own workplace environments. I bring to the course my academic and work-based background, (too many) years of experience and a willingness to listen.

Many many lectures about the generations – interspersed with clips from films which I had the privilege of acting in – and some exercises/questions for you to answer.


  • Maslow
  • Herzberg
  • Taylor
  • McGregor
  • Skeldon approach
  • Dressing gown theory

So, some new(ish) and some old.

But all relevant.



The Oxford Diploma
The Diploma
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Millennials – pt 1
Millennials – pt 2
Generation Z – pt 1
Generation Z – pt 2
The Work Environment – pt 1
The Work Environment – pt 2
Generation Z (Return)
Selling to – pt 1
Selling to – pt 2
Eight things to learn about Millennials – pt 1
Eight things to learn about Millennials – pt 2
Millennials – what does that mean for you?
Generation Alpha
Why Generation Alphas matter
AI and Generation Alpha
Generation Alpha and Ageing Parents
Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity – the Benefits (including Skeldon Approach)
Dressing Gown Theory
Cultural Diversity – the Conclusion
Postscripts – and a Challenge
Postscript – part 1
Postscript – part 2
Postscript – part 3
Postscript 2: Multigenerational – pt 1
Postscript 2: Multigenerational – 2
Postscript 2: Multigenerational – pt 3
The Challenge – pt 1
The Challenge – pt 2