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Transcend the Games you play in your Mind, your Relationships and Life

What you will learn


Ego State Psychology


Personal Psychology


Positive Psychology


Assumptions behind Psychology Games


Collective and Individual Games


Transcending the Mind


Interpersonal Awareness


Relational Dynamics


Judgement Metrics


Hidden Motives


Dissolving Pessimism


Worldviews and Paradigm Dynamics


Transcending Ego States


Life is a Game…

Have you ever sensed people are acting and speaking like a character in a movie?



Eric Berne was a pioneer in the world of Interpersonal Psychology

His research revealed a number of insights into the way people live and relate

By learning Eric Berne Psychology, you will learn:

  • How to differentiate between multiple Ego States
  • How to identify hidden underling assumptions
  • How to recognize the ‘rules’ people operate from
  • How judgments and opinions are formed

Eric Berne Psychology works wonders for your relationships, understanding of life and general wellbeing

In this course we discover the fundamental mechanics of Games:

  • What is a person’s motivation and objective
  • What is the positive and negative form of a person’s actions
  • Who is it that initiates a Game
  • How can we ‘win’ the Game
  • How can we Transcend the Game

Games are played on many levels, including on the personal, the collective and the Existential

In this course we discuss these ‘levels’ and how they are uniquely different

Some Games are of real material consequence, others are a figment of our imagination – understanding this difference is the key to Transcendence

In the initial components of this course, we look at the Games:

  • I’m Your Boss
  • Poor Old Me
  • We Conquer the World
  • Mind Games

Eric Berne Psychology is a proven, scientific process, developed to fast track your way to Self Knowledge

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Introduction and Course Overview
Basic Games People Play
I’m Your Boss
Poor Old Me
We Conquer the World
Beyond Personal Games
Mind Games