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Decoding financial instruments for high school students, programmers, freelancers, designers and people of all ages!

What you will learn

Financial Awareness

Portfolio management

Financial education

Fundamentals of daily finance


We keep hearing about financial terms all the time in the news, in conversations, and in almost every kind of media that reaches us. But most of the time we just filter out that information as noise due to the tiresome jargon. What if you just spend a couple of hours and get a basic framework to start making sense of that noise?

The main objective of this course is to create awareness about the bigger picture of the finance ecosystem. The massive diversity in regulations across countries and the financial goals of individuals makes it impossible to come up with one solution that will work for all. Hence, understanding the basics can provide a solid monetary decision-making framework for the rest of your life.

As 36 years old, who has been on the quest to identify the relevant aspect of this financial universe as a common man in an emerging economy, I would like to share a fundamentals crash course that should enable you to ask questions that are relevant to your future and align with the economy you stay in!  My experiences are drawn from pure survivorship skills honed by 3 recessions across 2 countries (US and India). More about those at the end of the course. Trust you will find the content helpful in kickstarting your journey towards financial independence in a matter of hours.



Significance of Finance in daily life
Why do you need this course?
What will you learn from this course?
Central Bank
Commercial/Regular Banks
Financial Institutions
Government as a financial instituion
Fundamentals Quiz
Macroview of the system
Economy and Finance
Role of economy and finance in daily life
Macroview Quiz
Banks: Deeper Dive
Why are banks needed?
How banks work?
Loans, credits and collaterals
Mid section quiz
Loans and credit scores
Section end quiz
Loans: A close look
Home Loans/Mortgage
Student/Education Loan
Auto Loans
Business Loans
Personal Loans
Credit Cards
Margins in equities
Loans section quiz
Markets and market linked instruments
Concept of stock market
How we get exposed to securities?
Why is understanding securities a necessity?
Sweat Equity
Concept of market indexes/indices
Concept of market capitalization
Section end quiz
Other financial instruments
Fixed income instruments
Types of fixed income instruments
Gold as an investment avenue
Real Estate
Venture Capital
Section end quiz
The hidden costs and expenses
Basic concept of insurance
Types of insurance
Taxes – Connecting the dots
Taxes and securities
Management Fees
Section end quiz
A practical perspective
Investment: A close look
Income: A more formal definition
Saving: Understanding the scope
Index Funds
Section end quiz
How recessions affect lives: Personal Story
Closing remarks