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What you will learn


How to plan an elicitation strategy.


How to conduct elicitation by using battle-tested techniques such as interviewing, brainstorming, workshops and more.


How to confirm understanding during and after elicitation sessions


How to communicate elicitation results to stakeholders in the right format


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In this course you will acquire all the knowledge and skills needed to successfully solve complex problems through requirement elicitation.

Before you solve a problem it is important to understand whether you are solving the right problem. This simple yet very important prerequisite is often overlooked by most business analysts, UX researchers, product managers, product owners, etc. We simply love to go straight to “solution mode”. Making sure that you solve the right problem will ensure that your solution will be something that your stakeholders want. This can be done through requirement elicitation.


Why enroll?

To consistently provide a high-quality problem definition to my stakeholders, I have created a 4-step requirement elicitation approach. This approach will turn any vague problem into razor-sharp problem statements where stakeholders needs are clearly defined and agreed upon. By enrolling to this course, you too will have access to this approach and know how to apply it in your professional environment.


What else can I offer you?

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You will have access to:

· The slides of the course which you can use at your own convenience

· A fun project to make things more practical

· Quizzes to test your knowledge

· Access to an industry expert. In case you have questions feel free to contact me and I will do my absolute best to guide you.

Still not convinced?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied with the course = money back. It’s as simple as that!




Introduction to requirement elicitation

Why is requirement elicitation needed

Step 1 – Planning your elicitation sessions

Planning your elicitation (part 1)
Planning your elicitation (part 2)
Multiple choice questions

Step 2 – Conducting your elicitation

Conducting your elicitation (part 1)
Conducting your elicitation (part 2)
Conducting your elicitation (part 3)
Conducting your elicitation (part 4)
Conducting your elicitation (part 5)
Multiple choice questions

Step 3 – Confirming your understanding

Confirm your understanding
Multiple choice questions

Step 4 – Communicating your elicitation results

Communicating elicitation results
Multiple choice questions


Wrapping up

Wrapping up and key takeaways


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