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Apache Hadoop Single Node Setup | Single Node Hadoop Installation

What you will learn

hello everyone ,in this course, we will see how to deploy single node hadoop cluster on aws cloud, for this course you simple after that we run word count program in hadoop just need aws free tier account ,right now i am using ubuntu 18.04, what are the things we will see in this course is how to create aws datacenter server or aws ec2 instance if your using mac or ubuntu just follow me in case your on windows just download putty after that we will see how to connect to your ec2 instance from a local machine after that we will download java and hadoop on ec2 instance then we will configure linux and hadoop environment hadoop configuration format namenode we will look at web ui

Apache Hadoop Single Node Deployment on AWS Cloud

AWS Ec2 Instance Creation

Open Source Hadoop Apache Hadoop Deployment


In this course i try to explain apache hadoop single node deployment on aws free tier account on cloud after completing this course will benefit students to understand big data hadoop basic concepts and basics of aws cloud. all basic linux commands explanation and justification hadoop commands with examples explain for beginner. After that you will also able to deployee multinode hadoop cluster.





Introduction – create AWS EC2 instance

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Update Repository Ubuntu 18.04 Connect To EC2 Server

Java Hadoop Installation

configure envernment hadoop linux

Hadoop XML file’s

Formate NameNode Hadoop JPS

word count hadoop

Web Ui Hadoop Ports