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Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies


COVID has given us an opportunity to be better learners as educators! To harness our skills and to the priority our students also need reflective measure towards excellence.

We hence need to address the loss in the return to school phase with new policies and framework.

The purpose to narrate new learning reflects on their connect on priority. Since lockdown, the very purpose  of being able to access lectures, classes and course materials remotely is also beginning to fade for students. True to the fact, lies the spectrum that while they continue to delight in being able to access their content on any of their mobile devices, while out for a walk, the course material is dwelled to them as a prime importance. The zoom fatigue is going on and on and looks like making it a great distractions for the students in particular.

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The discomfort is among all of us. And hence the spectrum is a necessity. As noted in the technology report released by Education International (October 2020), staff and student wellbeing in this remote learning environment is a persistent risk worth consideration by Unions, as we continue into 2021.

In addition to this we also have other issues arising with few being to recreate practical skills in an online environment. The teachers are trying their best to reflect the learning on priority, Yet, educators have been ingenious in their responses to these pedagogical problems. Also basically on the go is the spectrum which is worth noting that much of the literature about use of technology in education does advocate that pedagogy should drive and technology should act as an accelerator (Fullan, 2013). Neil Selwyn (2011) is a keen proponent of this pedagogy first principle when thinking about using any technology in an educational context, and a similar viewpoint is present in the research report launched by EI this month. of being able to access lectures, classes and course materials remotely is also beginning to fade for students.

It is hence a novel approach for we the educators to reflect learning and make the addressing as a prime requisite to showcase quality learning. The addressing is also keen towards having a learning loss in the return to school phase as a special mention and the module fetches the periodic notion with special mention. Let the spectrum pack up the post learning and with advanced delightful memories.




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The Just Classroom Scenario
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