Learn why education have to change and the tools to do it.

What you will learn

identify why your education must change so you can help your students to learn the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

learn to use the tools that enables you to do that.

Why take this course?

Have you ever wondered what your students are doing with all of the electronic devices they carry with them to school? The technology available to us makes it necessary to reflect on if we can continue to do what we always have done in the classroom or do we have to change. The students have all the knowledge of the world in the palm of their hand. What are they going to learn then? How can you plan an education that lets your students gain the competencies they need for the 21st century?

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I will try to help you answer these questions in this course. We will look at some of the theories about learning, how they can learn and I will show you some of the basics so you can use different tools in your education. You will learn how to use Audacity, Photo Story, Prezi, Social Medias as Learning Management systems, how to make a YouTube Channel and more. I hope this will enable you to experiment and give your students the opportunity to use these tools in the classroom.