Develop flow chart and algorithm to solve problem logically

What you will learn

Develop flowchart and algorithm to solve problems logically.

Write simple C programs using arithmetic expressions

Develop ‘C’ programs using control structure.

Develop ‘C’ programs using arrays and structures.

Develop/Use functions in C programs for modular programming approach.

Develop ‘C’ programs using pointers.


Diploma engineers (also called technologists)have to write programs to cater with various IT solutions. In order to develop a program to solve a given problem, they have to build logic, develop algorithms and flowcharts. This course is designed keeping in view developing operating systems, drivers and compilers,’ C’ has been widely used as a general purpose language to develop basic applications. This course deals with fundamental syntactic information about ‘C’ that will help the students to apply the basic concepts, program structure and principles of ‘C’ programming paradigm to build given application. The course is basically designed to create a base to develop foundation skills of programming language. The aim of this course is to help the students to attain the following industry identified competency through various teaching learning experiences. Develop ‘C’ programs to solve broad based computer related problems. In this course they will learn basic concepts of C programming like Program Logic Development, Basic of C programming, Control Structures, Array and Structure, Functions and Pointers. By taking this course students will be able to do programs in C language easily. Only one micro project is planned to be undertaken by a student assigned to him/her in the beginning of the course.






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PIC 22226 Ch.1 Part-2

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PIC 22226 Ch.1 Part-3

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Multiple choice questions of PIC for final exam

Write simple C programs using arithmetic expressions